Isabel: What About Us?

"Ouch!" I dropped my Lightsaber and grabbed my leg where the little pod had zapped me. "Master? This is a younglings' excersise!"

"And clearly you haven't been practicing!" My master berated me. I picked my saber up again, and pulled the hood over my eyes.

"Bring it on Master!" I reached out with the Force, I could sense my master standing a few feet away, and just above his  head level the small metal pod, aiming to fire. I sensed the pod revving up and spinning around my head. I followed it, prepping my saber. Suddenly, in rapid fire, several shots came out of the pod as it flew around me. I blocked each of them, and as the pod swung around it i was able to follow when suddenly I felt a tremor in the force.

The pod dropped to the ground, I pushed the hood up. My master was gone, I tried to sense him through the Force, but i couldn't. I dropped the hood onto the floor, and with my lightsaber still drawn ran out of the room. Now i could sense something. It was dark, and frightening, but i couldn't detect the source. I kept running towards the disturbance. Allowing the force to power my movements i ran lighter and faster than i could without it. Suddenly the feeling vanished. A sense of emptiness followed it, I could feel nothing. I was cut off. I stopped running, withdrawing my saber.

The Jedi Counsel's room was before me. It was vacant, I looked around the hall, not a master in sight. I saw a few other padawans running towards me. I could sense the fear and confusion coming off of them, as i'm sure they both did for me as well.

"What happened? where did the masters go?" I asked as they got closer

"I don't know. We were training and my master just vanished!" one of them said.
The other nodded in agreement.

"Why didn't they take us?" I had to ask.

"Maybe we aren't as important? We are just apprentices."

"Apprentices or not, we now have a duty to save our masters. We wont let this Force ignore us!"

The End

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