Cara: A Little Short...

Cara hadn't been in the Academy very often. Parts of it were still being rebuilt from the distruction at the end of the Republic, but most of it had been restored to more than its former glory. The spire of the Council room towered above everything. I kept a low profile, trying to express the calm feelings that the Jedi around me were giving off like small, calm volcanos. Love, trust, friendship, discipline. No anger, nothing more passionate than a desire to learn. Cara examined some masters, talking close together in quiet voices. They were even more peaceful than the Younglings and padawan learners, but there was focus too, and alertness. These Jedi were not old enough to remember the Empire, but they had learned in the aftermath of its destruction. They knew how dangerous it had been. This was no over-confident group, like a towering tree that could always be cut down. This was a cautious regrowth, like a sapling that spouts before the last snows of winter. Small, weak, but all the more difficult to destroy.

Cara was distracted from her thoughts by the sight of dirty, once-black armor. A storm trooper, though they'd died out over a hundred years ago. The clone of the long-dead Jango Fett stopped when he noticed her looking at him.

"Aren't you a little young to be a Storm Trooper?" She asked, sarcastically. "The last one died out over a hundred years ago." To his credit, the soldier hardly blinked. Cara pointed at the medal welded to his armor. "That thing doesnt mean anything anymore, Jedi Slayer." The trooper flinched slightly and looked around, but Cara had said it quietly enough that no one noticed. She had gotten closer, deceptively swiftly, until she was looking up at him through her eyelashes. "I could return that lightsaber for you, if you want." She took it from his hand and looked at the ancient weapon. The design of the saber was over a hundred years old, but looked like it had just been made yesterday. She swung it experimentally, but did not draw the blade. "Its a fine weapon." Cara said.

"I mean to return it personally." The trooper said, holding his hand out for the Lightsaber. Cara gave it back, and stepped closer again, so she was only three inches away from his face.

"I'll take you to the council then." She said, trying to make her voice low and seductive. It seemed to work. The trooper followed Cara up to the tower, but when they reached the council meeting room they found it empty. Not a single council member had remained in the capital.

"Master, what are you up to?" Cara muttered.

The End

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