Infiltration System

Cara woke up, sore and aching, to the bright sunlight bouncing off the towers of the upper city. She Forced the blinds shut and sat up in the semi darkness. Master Kain was gone, probably out drinking, or meditating. There wasn't really much difference, he always came back the same way. The anger and lust that gave him his power were always enhanced and he usually turned those emotions on his apprentice. Climbing out of her bed, Cara groaned as she discovered more soreness, Kain must have tried to use lightning as a motivator last night. He hadnt broken through her guard, but he'd tried. Force knows he tried.

Cara stifled another groan and got dressed. Binding her chest as flat as possible, pulling on the beige undershirt, then the dark brown tunic with the wide sleeves, then the pants, then black boots and a dark grey vest. Over the tunic and vest she cinched a belt tight around her narrow waist and allowed Cara to carry her ruby-bladed lightsaber hands free. Over that went a dark brown Jedi cloak. She manipulated her long dark hair into a single thick braid, wrapping it around her head a few times then let the end hang to her shoulder behind her right ear, in a parody of the Jedi padawan hairdo.

Opening the blinds again, Cara glanced up at the Jedi academy, Forced her lightsaber into her hand, clipped it to her belt and strode out of her little room. She had a mission to carry out this morning, at the academy.

The apartment Cara had lived in since she was little was somewhat small. It had a a holo-projector for training and messages, two chairs, one much larger than the other, small kitchen and table set up. A small balcony led off of the main room. It was furnished in blacks, whites and greys. Reminiscent of the Death Star of old. Skipping breakfast, Cara made her way out the door and toward a speeder parked on the landing pad.

"Hey! Thats mine!" Someone shouted as she took off. She flew around the block a couple times to throw anyone following her off the scent, then landed the speeder on the academy landing pad. Jumping out of the speeder she walked confidently inside the building, past all the clueless Jedi. Some shuddered as they felt a disturbance in the force as she passed, but none could detect its source, not with Master Kain in the city, or the evil brewing on Korriban. Cara smiled.

The End

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