Jedi threat: Uproot and behead

The four Padawan entered the Jedi council chambers where their masters already awaited them along side the seated Jedi council members.

"ah Padawans Isabel Jos, Lucy Oligar, Siri Mott and Nate Chezgnarr. Have we attainment?" Master Halzeen inquired.

Isabel looked to her fellow Padawans then back to the council "Master Halzeen, Jedi council. We've searched the whole building for any listening devices or  disturbances in the force and found nothing... doesn't appear to be bugged."

Master Halzeen rose from his seat and slowly walked from padawan to Padawan. "And your own hearts, did you each search the dark depths and hidden places there?"

Silence. And then Lucy began to nod "So you do think the informant to be one of us?"

"This new darkness on the horizon..."  began Master Halzeen "it is a darkness which would test us. And having its way will pierce us all...with fear...with temptation, maybe thus far it has only just pressed its ear against each of us to know what secrets we be warned: The one that does not mind their heart is an informant already whether they know it or not... There is always a path to atonement but beware the slow descent which leads to the dark side"

Master Halzeen then gestured for the Jedi council to stand. "the element of surprise is no longer on our side therefore we do not have the luxury of time and ceremony...Padawans, look apon your Masters as they have just now each been elevated to General. Go now, they will brief you on the way to the two secret bases on Tattooine where our secret army is complete. Split yourselves between two inconspicuous ships. Padawans stay by your Masters side for the Moment and be on alert. The Jedi council and my self shall set out into every direction through out the galaxy to gather what other Jedi  we can find. Let us depart immediately."




Nate hobbled as fast as he could to board the ship. His black and ginger-brown fur pressed against his body and face from the force of the wind. Over the ruffle of his beige head-dress Nate heard the two figures swoop over him from behind, their shadows meeting their feet as they landed on the ship ramp ahead and disappearing within. The ships engines started up and Nate began to grumble to himself before taking a couple force leaps to finally land on the closing ramp, the ship already rising and beginning to turn in direction. Once completely secured the ship shot off into the sky.

Inside Nate joined Siri, General Kallos and his own Master as they stood at a holograph of a red planet projected by a service droid: "glad you made it my dear little Ewok Padawan, we'd all be lost without you"

At this Nate stared intently back at his Master with his dark brown and yellow eyes, his black lips were pressed shut and his whole body rigidly still, the three of them now faced the little ewok still intently staring up at them as he activated his light saber held by his side.

"Save it for korriban little one. You'll have plenty to use it on there."

Nate deactivated his weapon.

Siri turned to look at the red planet "korriban? But we're headed to tattooine..."

Nate's Master expanded the hologram of the planet so it almost filled half the room. "This is what it's all about, it's been about korriban for a long time from what the Jedi council says. "we all know that after the balance was brought the Jedi sensed one last weed to be uprooted from the universe, a concentrated mass of dark energy thought to be the infamous Korriban crystal. Legend has it that to protect the Sith tombworld from grave robbers a cursed crystal with the foul stench of death was placed within one of the deepest tombs where the exact gravity of the planet Korriban centered a single bubble within the inner liquid of the crystal perfectly. The whole Eco-structure of Korriban and even the disturbance of the dead and their tombs on the world could possibly affect the crystal. If disturbed the Sith corpses of old would be reanimated into the army of undead and go about killing until they could reset their world so that it was all in balance with the crystal. Trouble is they sent a team to uncover the crystal but the team and their ship was never heard from again despite numerous search parties. And the condensed dark energy seemed to of dissipated throughout the universe after that, like a weed with seeds spread on the wind. Our duty is to lead the army throughout Korriban to dig up and behead as many Sith corpses while they lie dormant in their tombs preferably before this dark force which carries and controls this crystal chooses to awaken them to put to use."

"This is your pilot..." came a voice over the inter-com.

Siri and general Kallos looked at one another  "Tyris?" they chimed together in bewilderment.

"...guys it looks like we got a ship that's locked into our worries, gonna lead 'em astray but just expect some bumps along the way."

Nate clipped himself into a chair "Kaiya Eedada huutaveet!!!"

The End

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