Darth Kain; Dark Pleasure

The wind carried the great dusts and sands of the dead rock world of Korriban, the ancient Sith world. The tombs of a hundred Dark Lords lied in eternal struggle and turmoil in these sands, tomb raiders, and other has-been Dark Jedi that fancied themselves almighty.
Within those tombs, the very souls of those Dark Lords were in a similar state. Constantly fighting with themselves, time, the Force itself, in order to exist, find a way to survive, and regain their forgotten powers.

However, deep within a tomb long since sealed, many miles underneath the surface of the dead world, in the middle of the Valley of the Dark Lords, one such being had surpassed those of the Sith that dwelt above him. His power had been focused to the point of immortality.
In stasis he waited, watching, patiently. Waiting for his time to break free, and destroy those whom he hated. Millennia were enough time to master the Force, conquer the dark side, and only moments were needed now to destroy the galaxy.


“I’ve found something!” Said one of the Jedi Archaeologists.

He was immediately joined by five other Jedi, all wearing light but dusty robes, equipped with digging tools. They stood side by side and shined light on a circular stone door that emanated with the power of the Dark Side. It made them quiver just to be in its presence.

“Are you sure this is it, Master Urai?” Said a female Jedi with brown hair and dirt on her face.

“The ancient Sith text… it says this is home to that which must never be discovered, that which must never be released. It is tomb to an Unknowable” the same Jedi who discovered it said as he closely examined the weatherworn text on the door. “This is it, Parvin” Master Urai concluded.

“How can you tell, Master?” Another Jedi with golden hair and chubby cheeks said as he took a step back. “Master Skywalker charged us to find the source of corruption coming from Korriban, find out why it is so strong with the Dark Side. How can you tell this is what we seek?”

“Because only the most important… or the most evil of Sith… gained the title and tomb of an Unknowable. This person was either a King of the ancient Sith Purebloods… or he did something… very naughty to one. I’ve read texts that describe the term, but I had never imagined that somebody was actually buried as an Unknowable” Parvin explained to her frightened comrades.

“Whatever it is, we must cleanse it of the dark side and put the soul of whoever rests here to peace. Help me move the door” Master Urai called to his team.


The Jedi mustered their courage and stood together. They focused their feelings and synchronised their hearts, and with the aid of the Force, they shifted the great stone door before them.
It creaked and shook, dust and rubble falling from it as it slowly moved. Air came speeding into the gaps that formed, showing the Jedi that this tomb was devoid of air, and therefore life, for a very long time. Possibly thousands of years.

With a final push, the door had slid all the way into the side. The Jedi stood fixated on the opened cavern, a dark black hole that seemed to stretch into oblivion. It was cold, uninviting, and it seemed to pulse with life itself. The Jedi almost let fear consume them; never before had they wanted to run away so much, get away from the darkness.
But as Jedi they had to be brave, and face the challenges of unimaginable proportions to protect the galaxy.


“We have to go in there my friends. There’s nothing for it” Master Urai spoke calmly to his frightened companions.


One Jedi, a green Twi’lek, took a single step forward, before he was lifted off of his feet due to an unseen force. He floated for a few seconds, trying to break out of whatever invisible strings held him, and gave his companions a look of fear, before being sucked into the black hole with a scream.
The Jedi wasted no time; they followed after him, calling his name. Through the doorway they went, and they ran through the darkness trying to navigate which way was forward and which way was out.

They heard a scream, and another one of them, a Rodian, was gone. They ignited their Lightsabres, and stood back-to-back trying to find what enemy was attacking them. Master Urai could feel the presence of evil around them; not just a disturbance to the Force, an insult to it.
It unnerved him more than he ever thought possible. Parvin stood next to her master, her green Lightsabre close to her face, and watched her master intently. He gave her strength, and she needed that in this time of peril.

The very next thing they knew, another one of them was swallowed up into the stony ground quicker than he could scream. Only three of them were left, and their breathing quickened. They could not see their adversary, but it was all around them, trying to attack them, trying to destroy them. The hate, the anger, the very maliciousness of evil hanged in the air.
It was as if the very Force itself was being twisted into a weapon of evil to kill them, and the Force itself screamed out in pain as it happened.

Then the Jedi with golden hair and chubby cheeks screamed, his Lightsabre was taken out of his hands with a subversion of the Force, and his arms and legs were outstretched in mid-air as he vainly tried to break free. Parvin watched in terror as she watched her friend float helplessly before her, but then saw nothing else as her master told her to run.

She turned and ran instinctively, forcing back her tears and fear; she closed her eyes and kicked the ground as hard as she could. She didn’t know where she was going; she didn’t know if her master was behind her, she didn’t know what was in there with them. But she did hear a sickening crack, as if the body of somebody was snapped in two. She could guess who it was.


She ran, and ran, and ran, not looking back. Eventually she tripped, and landed face first onto something cold and smooth. She opened her eyes and looked up, and was surprised to see light! A single ray of light, dimmer than the weakest of flames, shined onto an ancient looking stasis pod that was opened and desolate.
She stood up and walked over to examine it, her legs and arms were numb, and her deactivated Lightsabre was gripped tightly in her hand. But before she could take the time to examine it, she heard heavy breathing behind her.

She activated her Jedi weapon and turned to strike, pausing only inches before her master’s throat. She gasped and hugged him quickly, and he reassured her that it was him, and that he would protect her. Hearing his words comforted her, gave her strength, he had always been able to make her steadfast in perilous situations.


A Lightsabre activated, and the master and pupil turned towards the dark to see a red glow of a Jedi’s weapon. It was being held by something, a creature, covered in dark robes and a black mask with blood dripping off of it. Evil emanated from it, power too, it advanced towards them slowly, clear on its intent.

Master Urai activated his blue Lightsabre first and entered the fray, followed swiftly by Parvin. They got on both sides and attempted to strike at the creature, but it blocked each blow without even moving its body.
Its left arm that held the weapon manoeuvred quickly and precisely to deflect every single blow managed by the Jedi. It simply continued to walk towards the stasis pod, blocking every strike made by the desperate Jedi who were quickly tiring themselves out.


Master Urai went in for a powerful strike to the neck, which made the creature finally evade by ducking underneath it. Parvin went in for an overhead strike, but was blasted away by a twitch of its covered hand by the Force. She went plummeting into the darkness, rolling uncontrollably until she came to a stop, covered in bruises and a few cuts.

She stood up, reignited her weapon, and ran back towards where she had come from. She had been blown a ways, as she could not see the dim glow of the stasis pod, or the glows of either Lightsabres. But a minute of running later she found herself back at the battleground, and her master standing solitarily. Parvin cried out in jubilee, her master must have defeated that evil thing without her! He was truly powerful!


“Master!” Parvin yelled as she ran at him and embraced him in a hug.

“Yes, Parvin, it’s me. I won’t let anything happen to you” Master Urai said back with a smile.

“I knew you could do it! I just knew it!” Parvin said happily.

“I love you, Parvin. My love gave me strength to overcome that which could harm us” Urai revealed, making Parvin gasp in shock.

“Master?!” She yelled with her hands over her mouth.

“I know the Jedi code forbids a master and student from having feelings for one another, but I cannot deny my feelings for you any longer!” Urai said passionately and grabbing her, pulling her in tight.

“Master! I’ve felt the same for so long! I'm so glad you feel this way!” Parvin yelled happily before embracing him in a kiss.


They swayed on the spot, enjoying their passion coming to fruition, until Parvin saw something in the corner of her eye. He eyes widened with fear in mere nanoseconds of seeing the head of her master floating in the air.
She tried to let go, but her master pulled her in harder. She screamed into his mouth as his face morphed from the man she had known for years, into the mask of the very thing she had just been fighting.

The lower mask had receded to expose a red mouth with fangs and a scar across the neck, using the long tongue to slobber all inside her mouth and eventually her face. She pulled her head away and screamed, trying to break free, but the creature would not let go.
The head of her master slowly floated towards her, and the eyes that were stuck in the back of the head looked forward. His lopsided mouth began to move, and the dead head of her master looked and spoke at her.


“What’s the matter Parvin? Don’t I make you feel safe?” Master Urai’s head said.

“What are you?!” Parvin screamed in terror at the creature who explored her body with its hand.

“Somebody who’s been waiting for a woman like you to come along for a long time. I’ve got a few millennia’s worth of frustration to take out on you” the creature hissed with a grip and the lick of the lips.


It grabbed her brown hair, and dragged her along the floor as she kicked and screamed into the darkness.






“Master?” A female voice spoke to the masked creature as it sat meditating in front of a window that overlooked the lower levels of Coruscant.

“Cara” he hissed quietly.

“What has gotten you all excited?” She asked sarcastically.

“The memory of somebody who I had a very long ‘pleasure’ session with… and you disturb it… therefore you must finish it” it whispered with a longing voice.

“Of course, when hell freezes over” she passed off of interest with a wave of her hand.


She tried to leave, but she was lifted off of her feet and slowly drawn into the room of her master. She struggled, but eventually gave up. She knew what was coming.

“Hell will freeze over when I, Darth Kain, am denied my pleasure” the Dark Lord smiled as the memory of a hundred years of torturing Parvin, and the thought of a hundred more with Cara, consumed his rational thoughts.


The door shut behind Cara, and only the Force knows what kind of sick and twisted things Darth Kain did to her behind it.

The End

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