Siri Mott - The Traitor

A cloaked figure moved it's way through the throng of people, moving at a fast pace. She was late and he didn't like to be kept waiting. She sped up even more. She knew she was getting close as the crowd of beings got thinner and thinner until there was no one but her. Finding the alley he'd told her to meet him at, she slipped inside and pulled off the hood of her cloak to reveal a messy mop of white hair. She glanced around nervously with her violet eyes. She felt the dark pusling from the force and knew she was in the right place.

"So...." The familiar spine chilling voice whispered behind her. A cold hand stroked her cheek. "Did you find out the information about Tatooine?" The other hand was placed on her chest and pushed her back into the wall of the building. The dark figure moved in front of her, his face close enough that she could smell his foul breath.

"The Jedi are indeed building an army there. The location of the army is still unknown to me." she said, closing her eyes as he pushed her bangs out of her eyes.

"You'd better be right, my dear. I would hate to have to destroy such a pretty face.

"Where's my mother?" she demanded.

"We've already discussed that issue, Siri." she gasped in pain as she felt his fingernails start to dig into her arm, blood could be felt running down her skin. "Keep up the good work and you'll see your mother soon. Continue to ask and things will be difficult for her." She felt tears begin to form in her eyes as he pushed harder. He released her and back away. "You may go now."

"Yes, my lord."


"Wake up, Siri. Wake up!" a concerned voice pierced her dreams. Groggily, she opened her eyes then closed them again as the bright light screamed at her. "Get up." the voice said again. Siri opened her eyes again and this time allowed her eyes to get used to the light. Above her she saw her master's kind face. She sat up and turned to him.

"Good morning, Master." she said stretching, causing her arm to burst with pain. It was then that she remembered her wound. She winced and pulled her arm back.

"What happened to your arm?" he asked, grabbing it gently to examine it.

"Had a run in with a drunk." Siri felt guilty lying her master but it was the only way to protect her mother. He gave her an amused look.

"You went to the club again last night." he said, raising an eyebrow. "Didn't I tell you-"

"I didn't get any drinks. Tyris popped in last night and I had to say hi." she said, standing up. She grabbed the belt that sat on a small table next to her bed and put it on. 

"Tyris you say? Well why didn't you tell me he was coming to the city?" he asked with mock hurt. 

"I'm sorry, Master. Next I'll remember to tell you." Siri said with a smile. "I wasn't sure you wanted to see him though."

"What do you mean?"

"Last time you two were together he kind of shot you with his gun." Siri shrugged as he started laughing.

"I'd forgotten about that incident." he said as Siri raised her own eyebrow at him.

"I don't believe you. Master Ori Kallos never forgets anything. At least that's what you're fond of telling me."

"No matter. The Jedi Council wishes to see us soon. Make yourself somewhat presentable." Ori said ruffling her already messy hair. She shoved him away and ran out of the room.

"Make me!" she called over her shoulder as Ori ran to catch up with her.

The End

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