Resort for, Mentally Unstable Characters

Yes. A mental hospital for crazy characters.


"Hellllllooooo. Welcome to the facillity. I hope you enjoy our facillity." I did not get a reply from the pacient. My constant smile intimidated many. But it's just because I relax. All others scowl and whine. I smile.

The pacient throws the first punch. I leaned back so the blow would be less painfull. A nearby guard tazed the man. Or woman. I was to busy relaxing to notice. I do all that with my constant smile. "Mr. Zon! Are you alright!" The guard yelled. "Don't mind me. Your urgent voice is too.......nonrelaxing. Go ahead and take the person to his room and take the day off. Relax. Enjoy the sun."

"Uh,thanks sir." He replied.

"Do not say thanks. The takes up valuable relaxing energy." The guard slowly turned around and walked away.

"Geeze. He should be in his hospital." The guard whispered.

"It's a resort. And also muttering wastes energy." I said. He started off a little bit quicker now. I changed directions and walked in to my office. It's a relaxing place. View of the ocean. Ice cream machine. And nice books and thrity TV's lining the ceiling and walls. I got myself a nice rocky road icecream cone and looked outside. And to think this was my companies place to put those snapped characters. I mean people! Why did I say characters? Oh well. Thinking just wastes valuable relaxing energy.

The End

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