Zrina~Choking on death

Zrina reached around where ever she was. She could not see a single thing through the blazing fire. She stood and winced falling back over tears stinging her eyes. She let her gaze move to a large peice of shrapnel logged into her inner thigh. She gaged at the gushing blood and looked around for a way out of the flames she seemed to me encased in. Seeing no way around her she tried to crawl away from the fire looking for any kind of break in the flames. 

It seemed like she was moving forever pulling her injured leg behind her. When she finally found a clear space she bolted for it and broke through right before a peice of mental came crashing down behind her. She moved through the trees blinking  back tears of pain the whole way. She seated her self under a tree  not far from the incident. Pulling her leg up she grabbed the metal and pulled hopping to extract it from her femoral artery. When it move even a little she tried to scream but her lungs were simply engulfed by the smoke. Goddess help me..

The End

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