Lamia - Where am I?

            I sit up slowly, my back aching, and my mouth felt as though it was filled with sand. I felt as though I had been sleeping for days, and I reached up to rub my eyes.

            Ouch. That didn’t really help. I only rubbed more sand into my eyes. I open them and blink a few times. Where am I?

            I try to remember how to use my legs, and when I finally stand, I take a look around me. What I saw was horrible. There were burning bits of fabric everywhere, and some sort of plane was in pieces.

            Did I crash? I rattle my brain for any clue as to how I ended up lying on a beach, and, with closer examination, a jet in ruins no less that 20 feet away from me.

            I look down at my hands, but when I don’t find any cuts and bruises, I think I must be dreaming. I stumble over to the… ocean? Some big body of water anyways and gaze at the person looking back at me.

            Is that me? I couldn’t remember. I can’t remember anything up till the point I woke up on the beach. I stare at the beautiful woman looking at me from the water. Her hair was long, with perfect red curls, and her face was anything less than perfect.

            Tearing my eyes away from the beautiful face, I turn and walk towards the lush forest – I THINK it’s a forest – determined to find a way to wake myself up from this nightmare.

The End

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