~~~Remember Remember~~~ newborn

do you have to? I don't want him growing up without a father!” I begged

I'll be fine! Anyway, I'm only signing a few forms and I promise, I won't go on the mainline where most the fighting happens.”my husband reassured me with his hands on my shoulders. “I'll return in a few minutes. Alright?” I nodded my head. He gave me a loving kiss. When he pulled away, I noticed a bit of sadness in his eyes. But he smiled to say nothing's wrong and walked into the big world.

What would I do if he actually died in battle? I headed into our small nursery he'd made. I just wish he could be there for our child. If only he'd known sooner. Then he could be here.

I'll be fine!”

I can still hear those words. no. I know he's just going to die. I sat in the rocking chair, Jasper had made for his cousin, who now didn't need it so gave it back to us and cried. I don't know how long I had been crying, but I heard the front door open and close. Also the sound of boots clumped across the floor.

Catherine?” his musical, southern voice rang it way beautifully through the house. I locked the door but then realised that I was being silly. He's the only person who could make me happier right now so I unlocked it. I felt the baby move slightly. I guess he agrees with me.

Catherine! Open the door!” he shouted and lightly knocked on the door. I heard him lean against the door. “if it's something I've done . . . look just tell me and I can help.”

He just needs to figure out that the door is unlocked. Then there was a funny rattling sound and the key fell out of the door.

well hello Mrs. Whitlock. Might I say, you look very gorgeous on this fine day” I couldn't help but laugh at his ways of cheering me up. I got up and opened the door. He stayed crouched on one knee, just looked up at me.

the door was never locked” I informed him. He glared at me, then his face softened and got up. His hand lifted to my face and wiped my tears away. “Jasper, I'm fine” I smiled.

I'm going to miss that smile so much!” Jasper laughed. It made me laugh along with him.

He held my face delicately and brought it towards him. His soft lips touched mine. We separated and he wrapped his arms around me, placing both his hands on my back. His hands then slid towards my slightly swollen stomach. I was only 5 months pregnant. However, I was unusually larger. I just thought the baby was going to be big. He knelt down so that his face was in line with him. He stared at this in content, then placed his ear on my stomach. His face suddenly frowned.

I think he has a problem with his heart. Its just, I don't think his heart should beat like that.” he mentioned. “do you want me to get a doctor, just to check.”

I nodded. Then he went to get one. I can't watch out child suffer with a heart condition. What if I can't afford to help him? Or what if he dies at a young age and I'll have no one to turn to! My mind went into a frenzy of things that could happen.

The doctor arrived sooner than I expected. He took his stethoscope out. “lets have a listen to him then shall we?”

I flinched at the coldness. Jasper stood next to me. I grabbed his hand and squeezed it. He returned the gesture by kissing the top of my head. The doctor moved the cold instrument around and made a few noises. He took the stethoscope off and sighed.

I don't know how you'll take this. However, the irregular heartbeat is caused by two hearts. Mrs. Whitlock, you are expecting twins.” the doctor explained.

So that's why I'm larger. That explains a lot. That's a shock though. Jasper paid the doctor and came over to sit next to me. He placed a comforting arm around my shoulders and I let my head drop into the crook of his neck. He smiled widely to show how happy he was. I'm glad he thinks its really good. Not really angry about it.



4 months later. . . .

now I know why women hate having twins. It was agony! It worried Jasper to the bone! He was pacing back and forth listening to my painful screams. He was really affected by it. Gratefully. Two gorgeous children entered the world. One girl. One boy. I really wanted to name the boy after Jasper but he didn't really want to.

Jasper please! I think he'll appreciate it after I tell him everything about you and what you done for the country. Just think. He could be proud to have your name!” I persuaded.

alright. Let me name our daughter then.” he agreed. He thought for a while, then smiled, looking at our daughter in his arms. “Elizabeth Whitlock. Named after the most caring person in the world.”

that was my mother's name. She helped us with basically everything. She was more understanding than anyone I knew. I tore my eyes away from Jasper, pulling faces at Elizabeth. She got him back by grabbing his nose.

Elizabeth Whitlock and Jasper Whitlock Junior. I like it” I smiled. I'm going to make sure he is proud of his name.

The End

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