~~~ Remember Remember ~~~ a Jasper Hale series

this is just a series involving Jasper Hale from Twilight. yeah. I'm obsessed with him.
this is just information on the characters, some characters are my own made up ones but i do not take credit for the characters involved with the Twilight saga. just to let you know.

Name: Jasper Whitlock

Age: 17

hair: sandy blonde

eyes: brown (he's human for now)

personality: quiet, caring, strong

relationships: parents, Christopher (brother), Alison (sister), Catherine (wife)


Name: Catherine Whitlock (was Rushmore)

Age: 17

hair: brown

eyes: blue

personality: big hearted, sweet, open minded

relationships: parents, Jasper (husband), Christopher (brother-in-law), Alison (sister-in-law)


Name: Christopher Whitlock

Age: 22

hair: black

eyes: red/black

personality: untrusting, two minded, only kind to certain people

Relationships: parents, Alison (sister), Jasper (brother), Catherine (sister-in-law)


more characters will come in

but these are just the main ones

i will put another chapter like this up saying the additional characters

thank you for reading!!!

The End

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