The BattleMature

Alarms were going off, people ran panicked, others ran with purpose. It was obvious a battle was to be waged. I made my way to the outside bumping into Jason who looked had the same impression as mine as we both looked at the heavily armed raiders.

"Looks like we, aren’t the only ones who can kick the military's butt."I said to him.

"Yeah, maybe they took what we left behind, Red." 

"Perhaps, either way something gotta be done these guys are running around like their heads have been cut off."

"Yeah, that’s why I generally stay away from them these days." Jason replied.

The invading force got closer, no shots had been fired, but I quite honestly didn't like how they had caked their stolen gear in blood, or at least it looked like blood, I mean blood is the best source of red paint these days. Since everyone was standing around waiting for someone to fire the first shot I tried to come up with a plan of my own. A lot of people were going to die if the cards weren't played right.  The man that carried the assault rifle looked like easy target since he was wearing the least amount of ammo, the one who needed to be taken out first was the man with the rocket launcher, he would deal the most damage, but with weaponry I had I wouldn't hit him. No we need a distraction, to make him him look the other way.  Thinking of which, where was Harry?  I looked around, I didn't see him anywhere what in the world was he doing? 

"Hey Jason do you have any idea how we should take em down?"I asked.


"Alright I guess we wing it then." I said raising a rifle I got from one of our previous encounters, and aimed  at the man with rocket launcher. He was Aiming it at the tower. I took three quick shots, the first missed the man completely the second his his hand causing him to drop the weapon to ground, the third hit the on the shoulder. Bullets sprayed back at us the battle had begun. We all ducked for cover, I kept an eye on that rocket launcher. No way was I interested in that weapon being picked up again.

The End

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