An enemy of my enemy...Mature

We could take em.

"You think so Harry?" Red replied, and until then I didn't know I had voiced that thought out loud.

I glared at him "Well maybe, but then again you might drop off during the melee." Red tried to glare back but couldn't because he knew that I was right. You don't fall asleep on guard duty, and if you do... you better make sure no one is gonna creep up on you.

"Like I said, we don't want any trouble." said the leader who better not want trouble, because if there was he'd be the first to fall to Red's handgun. "We mistook you for the army bitches who are swarming the place."

That made my eyebrows raise, and I looked at Jason who shook his head and pointed to me. Lucky me... I get to play negotiator... but I was the right man for the job... speak softly and have big arms... or a big stick... either or would work.

"We aren't too fond of them ourselves, we took down a tank a few days back... lost our truck in the process too..." The leader looked at me for a second then him and his men started laughing. Red, Jason, and I capitalized on that mistake. In less than a few seconds we had disarmed the men with guns, taken them down and were closing in on the others. That was the big stick part of the negotiations.

"Yes a tank." I said "We don't fool around. Just because you and your contingent don't have the balls to do it doesn't mean that others can't. Now tell us what you want or get out of here. Or..." I said hefting my gun "I'll help you get out off myself."

Without his force the man quickly acquiesced and gave us a proposition.

"Well... I can see you guys are... quite handy... with a uh... weapon..." He said looking  at my arms. "And if you aren't part of the army bastards roaming the place... we'd like you to join us. You'll have a place to stay, food and supplies, and you'll have our protection."

We laughed. "We'll have your protection? Or you'll have ours?" Jason asked sarcastically. He glanced at Red, then at me. We all nodded. A place to stay and minimal protection that we would have to provide for ourselves could be quite useful. Jason stepped forward and offered his hand to the man who hesitated a moment, then shook it.

"Glad to have you aboard" he said nervously.

"We aren't aboard yet." said Jason. "We'll give your setup a look and if we aren't pleased then we're cutting out. Now get your men up and lets get moving."

The man was obviously regretting stumbling on our party, and was not enjoying taking Jason's orders. We'd have to keep our eye on him because he seemed like the type who might eliminate a threat to his position.

Anyone us could be a threat, Jason especially. A building loomed in the distance and I hoped that everything was up to standard...

It looked like it was going rain and I didn't want to be outside if it did.

The End

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