The MorningMature

On the third night we all took turns on watch and I had the last shift, after Harry had woken me up almost falling over from exhaustion.  So far things had been quiet after their encounter with the tank, but like Jason said 'You can never be too careful these days.' So we all took turns on watch. I didn't mind this much, since the cat seemed to be a good companion beside its strange behaviour, and the fact it hasn't run away from all that had been happening. 

"Night Red." Harry mumbled crashing onto the ground without further ado. I tended to the fire, as soon as my skin touched the night air. It seemed like every night the air got colder each night, maybe it had something to do with all the dark clouds that loomed in the sky? I thought, moving a little back from the fire, wrapping myself in my coat. Looking around the dark barren wasteland. I really didn't mind giving up some sleep to make sure we were all safe but what I hated was trying to stay awake. As the hours passed by I hardly noticed my consciousness slowly drifting away until it was too late. When I woke up looking into the face of a gas mask, and heavy breathing.  I struggled but someone else stopped.

"Get off Me!" I yelled frantically struggling.

"What's going on?" Jason yelled.

"Sorry I fell asleep on my watch!"

"Idiot!" Harry yelled getting the men holding him off with that arm of his. With that as a distraction I managed to escape the grasp of my captures and steal a knife which I made quick work of sinking it into the arm of one these masked folks.

"Stop it!" A voice yelled about 10 meters away, "We mean no harm!" 

"That’s hard to believe when your holding us down!" Jason growled as Harry pulled the men off him.

"We were taking precautions to protect ourselves he claimed."

"Besides what would any of you want other then the meat on our bones, and our belongings in a world such as this."  I said pointing my gun at him, I presumed he was the one in charge of this raid or whatever he liked to call it.

The End

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