The Start of a Beautiful Friendship.Mature

Inventory check:

One injured guy with a dog. Check
One other injured guy with a cat. Check
One handsome, uninjured, under-appreciated teenager. Check

Jason finally shut up about my patching job when I said "I could have killed you or left you there just as easily." I don't mean to sound self-important, but if any more bad guys showed up,  I was the only hope for our party. Well... that's not all true... there was the dog and cat.

They wanted to leave right away, but I forced them to wait for a few days. There was no use walking around getting into trouble when we could stay here until they were patched up. They offered token resistance, but I knew they agreed. Of course being men and all they didn't want to admit it. Good thing I wasn't a man just yet... we needed at least one good brain that wasn't floating in a sea of bravado, and testosterone.

A few days in, I woke up and began to check on the Jason and Red. Click. Click. I turned to see the two of them standing there, all dressed, packed and ready to go.

Oh and they were pointing guns at me. "Do I have to beat you guys up again?" I asked. "No boy. We're leaving. We're all recovered and you can;t hold us here any longer." Truth be told I knew they were ready. This was the first time they had been feeling well enough to point guns at me. I smiled and said "Alrighty then. Let's go!"

We took Jason's truck and made it to the next town on the fuel he had. We roughed up some locals until they gave us enough gas to fill the tank. We didn't run into much trouble. There were a few bar fights and a couple of gang clashes but no soldiers, or police. I was actually starting to enjoy myself.

The universe took that as it's cue to start screwing with us.

We were driving along when the ground just to the left of the truck exploded. Jason kept control but the ground kept booming and shaking. When we made it to the crest of the hill we saw our attackers. There were only five of them, but they had something we didn't have.

They had a tank.

I looked at the other two in the front seats and they looked at each other, before looking back at me. We all nodded. We were going to charge the tank. Hey, I'm not complaining, we were gradually spending more time together as a group of messed up survivors.

This could be the start of a beautiful friendship.

The End

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