"But I guess I can understand where you’re coming from." I said looking at the black cat which was now curling up beside the girl in the corner," That cats been following me for a few days, but its been rather useful in a peculiar way, so in a sense were a strange set of partners." I continued.

"The cat's been helpful?" Harry asked confused which didn't surprise me in the slightest.

"Yes, I think the mark on your leg is all you would need to know. There intelligence behind those yellow eyes of it. But enough about the damned ca..."

"Woof!" A dog barreled in full force staring at the cat but keeping its distance.

"Dog!" Jason growled as the cat hissed and raised its hackles," Stupid animals!" He muttered getting the dog on the other side of the room. 

"Sorry about that." I muttered as he came back towards us. Jason sat down again and a heavy silence over came the three of us. It was obvious it bothered the youngest one of us as he twitched those cybernetic limbs of his. From my point of view the only thing I hated about those arms of his were that it made having an honourable fair fight impossible with him, and damn when he shoved the hilt of my sword in my gut I still felt that one. As well as that shoulder wound of mine, but by the looks of the way I was conducting myself these men had no idea my left arm was out of commision for the time being. 

"Well, erm so do we leave or just sit here or something until we die of starvation, thirst or old age, whatever comes first." Harry broke the silence finally. I stood up immidiatly reposistioning my kattana.

"Cat! lets go. I will be leaving I think."  I looked at Jason," But I will come back one day."  I think Jason knew exactly why.

"Yes I would like it if both of you left. I can't support anymore people here!" Jason grumbled.

"Oh alright then." Harry said getting up," Where are you heading Red?"

"Nowhere. Where ever my feet take me to. I have no goal in settling anywhere they are just to many things I don't know."

"Do you mind if I join you?"

"I could care less what you did." I said then looked at feline friend who was still curled up around the girl,"Cat you can't stay here! lets go!"  The cat opened its yellow eye with contempt staring at me. I bet the others thought I was crazy, but who cared what they thought, maybe I was," Fine then, I give Jason the permission to shoot you if he feels like it."  The cat gave a growl at that comment  leaving the girl's side. Pausing as it reached the halfway point its ear twitched behind it. Then I heard something near the door. It was hard to hear but unmistakeable, it was the sounds of footsteps.

"They couldn't of." I muttered pulling out a handgun and twisting around as the door opened, I fired hitting a soldier between the eyes.

"What the hell this is the third time today,and the bloody dog hasn't done a thing!" Jason said with frustration.


"Get down!" Harry yelled as the sides of the building started getting chewed up by a machine gun.

"What did you mean they couldn't of Red." Jason said angerly crawling closer.

"I will tell you later, alright!" I replied after the machine gun stopped a round peice of metal bounced into the room moments later.

"These guys mean business!" Harry said picking it up with impossible speed and throwing it through the wall. 


"Idiot those are my crops!"


I rushed out of the door spotting three soldiers taking cover behind  the fence about 10 meters ahead. Two far to hit with this crappy little handgun, that was for sure.  I heard footsteps to my left. I turned as knife came at me, I dropped back I couldn't react with that arm.  He went to stab but Harry's cybernetic arm caught it and broke it.

"Thanks." I said shooting the soldier in the head," There are three of them over there! they gonna open fire any second." I told him. 

I dived away from the house as they opened fire, Harry managed with those arms of his, and after that volley of bullets, Jason charged out of the house making the ten meter distance quickly enough to do some damage with a shotgun. I got up spotting  to of them torching the crops. Jason was gonna be pissed, better stop those guys now. I though I ran to get close enough with the hand gun, shooting both of them  in the back.  They both screamed in pain, and dropped their weapons. I placed the gun in my left hand putting a little to much pressure on my shoulder. I gritted my teeth as my kattana sliced the two up stopping their screams.

"Those bastards!" Jason grunted as he came up beside me.

"Sorry..." Shots rang out before either of us could react Jason was falling to the ground holding his stomach with a hole in his arm. I turned around,  just in time to see Harry take the man down.

"That's seven of them." I said, before attending to Jason, He was shot in the abdomen area and arm," Get the rest of them, before you help me, Idiot!" I could see him holding in the pain.  I nodded  stepping up, three more appeared  behind the house more machine guns. I probably wouldn't hit any with this range but I was out of options  I dropped that kattana and fired the handgun with quick succession hoping my aim was true.  One of them fell, the rapid firing of their machine guns filled the air I dived and stayed on the ground, but Harry had gotten them to.

"Alright I need a gun that can do long range." I mumbled to myself getting tired of the that cybernetic Teen saving my sorry ass more then I wanted to count. I reloaded the hand gun and turned around seeing three men running off into the distance. I gave chase, I was much faster and gained enough ground to gun them down quickly. The three of them dropped dead as an explosion went off behind me. I hit the ground from the force.  Regaining my breath I looked back half of the house had been blown to shreds, but it looked like everyone was fine including the animals. Seeing as the cat had brushed up against my feet meowing.

"Is the girl alright?" I asked it it replied with what seemed to be a content meow," I'll take that as a yes then. 

Back at ground zero Harry lugged poor Jason back into his destroyed house, he was giving the teen directions on how to patch him.

"I was a medic back in the day okay son? I think I know what I’m talking about. And you, did you bring these people here?" He asked angrily.

"I er um. I had run in with them. I was exploring an empty town East of here. I was filling up on water when they landed. They had orders to kill anything that had no connection with them. They detected me, They tried to take me out with one of those long ranged rifles, and they nearly did. I said showing them the shoulder wound which had started to bleed again. I'm sorry they must have tracked me here. Thought I had lost them."

The End

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