It's a Jungle Out ThereMature

After the boy had managed to disarm the other guy with the sword and miraculously slash a bullet into two pieces, we all agreed to set weapons aside and talk. The girl sat in the corner, her head swiveling to stare at whoever was speaking.

"Well, let's start with names. Does that sound good?" Said the newest boy. "That way we can all not call each other 'Guy whose butt I kicked' or something of that nature."

I looked at him, not exactly sure what to make of him. I knew most people were disgusted by people with cybernetic arms, but honestly, I couldn't bring myself to care. There were more srewed up people out there than him. "I'm Jason," I said.

The guy with the sword looked at me for a second, then said, "I go by Red." I gave him a quizzical look, then quickly averted my gaze.

"And I am Harry," said the boy. "See? Now wasn't that easy?" He looked from me to Red, then said, "Now, let's get down to the serious discussion." He put his hands on his knees. "Why were you -" he said, looking at me -"pointing a gun at a sweet little girl like her?" He nodded towards the girl. "And why were you holding a sword to his throat?" He asked of Red.

Red chimed in almost immediately. "I believe my part should be mostly self-explanatory." It was. I didn't even like myself for what I had been about to do.

"For my part," I said, "the girl came here with a band of nomads. They have their own language, they steal and pillage, occasionally kill - but the kids? They're not trained to fight until at least teir mid-teens." I paused. "That means, obviously, she can't fight. She wouldn't last half an hour out there alone, and she most likely wouldn't go too quickly. Now, I hated myself for thinking of this, but she couldn't stay with me, and I wouldn't sentence a child to a moment of pain if it could be avoided." I paused again, looking from Red to Harry and back again, then glancing at the girl. Actually, for all her quiet ferocity, she was almost starting to grow on me. She had these funny eccentricities that made her a bit cuter. "I didn't choose the easy path for myself. I chose the easy one for the girl. If I had wanted easy for me, I could've sent her off into the wastes, not thinking twice about what awaited. But I cared." I stopped talking then - not for lack of more to say, but for lack of how to vocalize the rest of my thoughts.

Red looked at me, obviously not pleased, but seeming to get my predicament. "I still wouldn't lay a hand on a child." He stared at me, his gaze hardening for a second. "But I guess I understand where you're coming from."

The End

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