Soldiers feet hit the ground hard, I had taken cover underneath a rotted away barn. It smelled, and it was slimy but it beat messing with these guys, that’s for sure. The strange black cat had decided to follow me and curl up beside my leg. What was with this animal?  The helicopters took off, and the soldiers were setting up some sort of base of operations. I crawled a little closer trying to over hear their conversations.

"Colonel why are we stationed here? There is nothing, the town is empty Barren, no life forms what so ever."

"That’s one of the reasons were here. Our other objects will not be spoken of at this point on. Kill any non military personnel or enemy military personnel will your first order Captain. Do I make myself clear!?" Said a smooth but yet gruff voice that sounded as if it belonged to a man who had little care for the lives of others.  I didn't like it at all.  Neither did I like the rest of what he had to say.

I had to get out of here! but they were everywhere and if I were to be spotted I would probably die before I even knew I had died.  The cat had gotten up and caught my attention with the light reflecting from its eyes. Its then moved underneath a small hole its tail disappearing into the darkness. I followed curiously wondering what may be on the other side of this collapsed barn.  It was dark but a few minutes of silent cursing and crawling through the dirt light from the light they had set was filtering through the wreckage. Ahead I could see two shoulders they guns loosely held in their hands.  They seemed aware but they weren't truly looking. I gripped the hilt of my kattana. The cat gave a meow as slid from the rubble and charged the two of them slicing their throats before they could say anything or even react.  I  got done and grabbed one of their revolvers and grabbed their extra ammunition for it. Before taking off into the darkness with the black cat hot on my heels.

It was about a minute in a half when the searchlights turned on and the soldiers were on high alert.  I had gotten pretty far, but I doubted my head start would do much. I heard rumours of weapons that had devices that allowed you to see some one without light by seeing heat.  A loud crack disrupted the silence of the night and ground under my feet exploded.  I dived as another crack sounded, this time I the bullet grazed my shoulder. My own blood hit my face as I stifled a yell of pain. I fell to the ground. The damn cat started hissing frantically, I rolled over another shot hitting just were my head had been. 

"Damnit!" I cursed  getting up, how much longer would my luck hold out? I started running up ahead I saw some rocks to take cover behind.  Another crack, I close my eyes as the bullet passed through my shoulder this time. I was falling to the ground, but I managed to roll behind a boulder just in time to catch my breath as another shot chipped the top off.  This situation wasn't much better my left arm was totally bummed for the time being, and now the sniper would have an easy shot as soon as I moved but he had to reload that weapon of his soon. Adrenaline was pumping through my veins, I could hear my heart pounding, each breath was slowed,  was this fear? I didn't know the answer to that but I maybe I could fool the sniper in one shot I moved my hand above the rock quickly another crack just barely missing my hand. I took the gamble and charged up the hill. No more shots yes, he was reloading!

I got to the top and dived just as one last shot missing me.  The cat was ahead of me and looked up I swear I could see the intelligence behind those eyes. I had to keep going shoulders were gonna be after to now.  I quickly applied pressure to the wound and bandaged it before continuing my run. Every once in a while making ways to fool my tracks and hiding and taking shelter in and behind various things I came across. This went on for a day until I had completely lost them. The cat stayed at my feet even as they grew unsteady from fatigue. As nightfall hit I came across a strange scene of a man holding a revolver to a young girls head. Without thinking I charge the man wasn't aware of my presence because of his own hesitation. I brought the blade of the Kattana to his chin letting its cold edge touch his skin.

"Drop the gun." I said trying to sound stronger then I was, I was also trying to hide the fact I was injured, and hungry.  The cat jumped onto the girl defensively. What is with that damn animal?

The End

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