The empty town, and the strange black catMature

I' am in desperate need for water, it had been two days since I had a drop of water, and judging by drieness of this land I wandered blindly through I wasn't going to find any water here. I was my toung  felt like a large crusted thing that would fall apart if I were to move it around to much. I was far to tired to think properly, I was afraid of stoping for a rest, I had to push myself until I found something. For hours I walked until below was town that looked like a storm had whipped through, and perhaps a few maruaders had raided, it was empty and barron for this time of day.

"Please, just the smallest amount of water would be fine." I begged staggering towards the town. It was eery place to be, not a trace of life remained, not even a rat. It was just empty with the wind blowing through moving various remnants left of the town. Since I had woken up I had seen many places, but never had I felt such a loneliness before in this empty town. Maybe it was because I was so dehydrated that I felt this emptiness inside me.

For a few hours I found nothing except for ghostly parks, broken memories, broken houses, glass, and a few random objects that had little to no meaning. At the edge of the town I encountered a black cat with mysterious yellow eyes, and ever so lightly orange colour at the tip of its tail.  It watched me with great interest.

"What?" I asked in my exhausted state, the cat didn't flinch just playfully whipped its tail," How come this town is dead empty with not even a scrap to eat, or drink and you, you just sit there calmly. Why are you the only living thing here?" I continued my line of questioning to the cat. In respone it meowed loudly startling me.

"Alright I'm sorry." I mumbled why the hell I was bothering to talk to a freaking cat, I must be crazy, but since I was crazy I mind as well as ask the damned creepy thing if it knew where some water was," Hey before I go do you think you could tell me wear some water is?"

The cat meowed then stared at me blankly, yeah what else was I expecting to happen? I began step forwards blindly walking on, but the cat darted in front me and sat there. Staring up at me.

"Get the hell out of my way!" I yelled making a kicking motion it did not move a singe muscle," What?!" I asked exasperated. Its tail flicked and and hooked around cocking its head a little to its left," You know I'm starting to think before I lost my memory I hated cats, because your one creepy ass cat. " I mumbled stepping around it, it darted in front of me and turned left. Since I had nothing better to do I followed after it. Half an hour later we I was still following the cat who had seemed to care very little I was trailing ten feet behind it , we had cross a few hills and now up ahead was a destroyed farm with what looked like a water tower its top missing. Hope filled me, there must be water in that thing. Hopefully it wasn't disgusting, but even if it was I wouldn't have cared at this point.

"Thanks strange cat." I said wondering if this was just coincidence or if this cat had somehow picked up human like intelligence.  I climbed up the ladder finding not exactly the cleanest water but it was better then what I imagined. I filled up a water bottle that I had hung off a belt loop. I looked around to see more barren wasteland, and surprisingly that creepy cat from earlier.

"How did you get up here?" I asked, knowing I wouldn't get a response,"Nice place up here." I added looking around seeing nothing for miles on end.  The wind blew strongly as the sun set, I was on the verge of falling asleep when the sounds of helicopters filled the skies.  In panic raced back down and took cover in wrecked farm house, spot lights combed the area. What the hell is going on? 

The End

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