Harry: Eviction NoticeMature

Looking back, I might have been a little too harsh on those three guys. Still, being threatened is not something I put up with. Unfortunately it looks the village wasn't on my side. Not that it suprised me. They've been looking for an excuse to throw me out since the accident. It doesn't make sense. In all the movies I've seen the villagers always try to suck up to the big guy to get him to help protect them. I guess my life wasn't going to be that simple.

I got a knock on the door at about noonish. I opened it to find no one there. I thought it was a prank until I turned around to go back inside. Someone had pounded an eviction notice into my door.This was my house. They couldn't honestly be thin-. A laugh derailed my train of thought and I looked up to see the instigator from earlier. My eyes narrowed. I could tell he wasn't the one who posted the notice there, but Number One: He was on my property. Number Two: He was laughing at me. Apparently the ass-whooping he had received earlier hadn't sunk in. I decided to finish the job. I closed my door, ripped the notice off, and began to walk towards the man, unsheathing one of my knives as I did. I got about 10 feet away when I heard,

"I wouldn't do that boy." I looked in the direction of the voice, and was suddenly looking at the entire town. They were armed. They looked mad. The unofficial "mayor" of the town stepped forward and said "Listen Harry. We really hate to do this, but you're just causing too much tro-" "trouble? TROUBLE!?! When are you going to punish the smart-ass punks who keep sticking their noses somewheres other than their own business??? Last time I checked self defense wasn't troublemaking!!!" A woman stepped forward a tire iron in her hands and she screamed, "You killed my son!"

I looked at her for a moment. Then I just started laughing. "I apologize mam." I said in an openly mocking tone. "Next time I'll just let your idiot of a son club me to death with a baseball bat because he doesn't like my arms. You know what? Go to he-" "No Harry." The mayor interrupted. "You're the one who needs to go. Get your stuff and leave. I expect you to be out of here by sundown. If you're still here we'll kill you."

I looked at him. Hard. Then said quietly "'We'll kill you?' Why we? How about just you. Any of you. You think that coming to my house in a group suddenly makes you stronger? braver? more of a man? No. It only makes you look like the cowards that you are. Is there a single person here who has the balls to face me alone? Or maybe not even a single person... How about 2? No? How about 3? 4? I didn't think so. Get off of my lawn. NOW." The crowd started to disperse and in a minute it was just me and the mayor. "So how about that 'we' Mr. Mayor?" I asked. In answer he raised his gun and fired. I lifted my arm and let the bullet bounce off. Then I pulled out my own gun, and put a bullet in his chest. "See ya in hell Mr. Mayor." Then I turned, walked inside, and started packing.

The End

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