"Hey, stop what your doing right now." A man with a harsh voice full of experience.  I listened, and stopped my investigation of the car," It don't work, but it works to capture folks like you." The man commented, as I stood up hands in the air," Now Drop your weapon, and don't pull anything on me everyone has one. If they didn't they would be dead." I tossed aside my handgun, it only had three shots, and I had no interest in using them on this one,"Now turn around, tell me your name."

"My names Red." I said plainly turning around slowly.

"That's a ridiculous name but it befits that head of hair you have." He said as I sized him up. He had to be a man in his forties, he looked malnourished but earlier in life he must have been a fat motherF***er, who spent his spare time playing with weapons, and drinking far to much beer. He was a dusted, and damaged saw-doff shotgun, something told me he was skilled with this weapon. However the gun looked like its next shot might be its last.

"Why does my name matter to you?" I asked lowering my hands casually guessing the man would not feel threatened by this action.

"Its a show of civility for savage act that I will be performing." He laughed. Walking two steps forward just in range form me to slash him with my Kattana which had been expertly hidden underneath my jacket.

"And that would be?" I pressed trying to add fear in my voice but truth be told I don't know what fear feels like.  The man smiled and made moved his head as if I should look behind. I didn't instead I rushed hum and unsheathed my chewed up Kattana and cut across his arm probably cutting a tendon or muscle because his left arm went limp. He shot his own leg off as his gun fell.  I finished the job by slitting his throat. Behind me a heard the quick shuffling movements I turned and blocked with the Kattana almost cutting a large stick in half, the wielder of this large stick was a younger man with crooked buck teeth and baseball cap that looked like someone had tried to eat it. I didn't let the younger man make a second move I moved the stick over and kicked him in the chest, and with a quick succession I cut his throat too.

This is why I disliked people, ever since I can remember which isn't that long ago, people have tried pulling a lot of  things on me, most of them ending in my life being taken for their own. I was sick of it, I was sick of my fellow human beings, I was sick of myself for lowering myself to their animalistic behaviour, I had killed many people trying to find answers. Yet I will not stoop as low as to eat another human, not like these fools. I swung the blood off my blade and sheathed again, as I picked up my handgun I surveyed the surrounding area.

It was barren , but it was apparent before that grass and trees had grown here, but now all was left was a skeletal forest, and dust, with a few abandoned pieces human made junk. I new their names, but had no recollection of what they did or how the looked like when they worked. I have no idea what has happened that brought this crisis down upon us. I don't know my own past, or my real name. I woke up and a kid of the age of 8 was looking down on me with a concerned face. He said that he found me laying on side of a warehouse wall with Kattana I carried now. I had two gunshot wounds which he looked to while I was unconscious. It was unfortunate that his parents had reverted to cannibalism and killed him. I made them pay dearly when I had found out the nature of his fate. However this taught me a crucial lesson about people and this world I had woken up in. Its kill or be killed.

The End

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