Harry- One of those DaysMature

What am I? Do my arms really make me that scary and unacceptable? Three of those "pure human" types came up to me today and started pushing me around. I warned them to get away by politely saying "Fuck off." Sadly for them, they didn't. They have a problem with me because I don't have real arms. At least I have a brain. The ringleader came at me with a baseball bat. I ducked his first swing and punched him in the gut. See there's this thing about having robot arms... they hurt other people. The leader of this assault just found that out the hard way. The other two saw their buddy drop to the ground, alive but probably wishing he wasn't, and then they rushed me. I unsheathed one of my LHR-Combat knives and whipped it at groupie number 1. You see there's this other thing about robotic arms... when they throw things, people die... especially when they throw things with pointy edges. groupie number 2 drew up short when he saw a knife magically appear in his friend's chest. He reached for his pocket and drew out a handgun. I got mad. I usually do when people point guns at me. He pulled the trigger and sent a bullet flying at my chest.

I caught it. Yeah. I can do that. I leapt at him and grabbed the wrist holding the gun and broke it with a quick twist. He screamed and pulled at me trying to get away. I wasn't done yet. I dislocated his knee with kick, picked up his handgun and brought it crashing down on his head. I looked up to see a few other people from the "village" staring at me with looks of horror and anger. Some of them started to walk towards me. I retrieved my knife from groupie 1's chest, and drew my Blackhawk loaded with .327 Federal Magnum rounds. They stopped and glared at me. They knew. I knew. If they came at me they might get lucky, but they wouldn't walk away alive. I turned, and walked back to my house on the outskirts of town.

I sighed... Already I could tell it was going to be one of those days...

The End

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