Remains of MiseryMature

A meteor has crashed into the Earth, unleashing a storm of dust and chaos over the planet. The world's governments are breaking down, and what few law enforcement and military personnel do remain are either in no position to be obeyed or corrupt, abusing their power. the best anyone can do is to survive on their own.


In the early twenty-first century, a huge meteor hit North America, just a few miles from Chicago. The impact threw a blanket of dust into the atmosphere and released several small, alien life-forms onto the surface of the planet. Governments across North America quickly collapsed in the ensuing chaos, and when friendly governments overseas attempted to aid these governments, they were quickly forced out by hostile nations looking to conquer the land and claim it for themselves. These governments are being just barely kept at a standstillby the alien creatures, civilian rebels, and remaining law enforcement and military. The continent is in chaos, and as interest in the region slowly grows, other governments are failing as well. The only thing anyone can do is try to survive on their own. Anarchy has been the only government for approximately fourteen months now.

The End

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