The Waters

There was blood everywhere!  All over my body and on the ground.  Blood, blood, BLOOD! My hair was soaked in it, my body reeked of it, it dripped from my nose, and my hands were guilty of it.  I wallowed in the blood. 

I became scared and child-like, crying.

And there were voices in my head, whispers-horrible whispers accusing me of murder, adultery, crockery, lying, lusting, hating, and envy.  The voice echoed and was a course scary one. 

There was a small pause where I choked on a sob.  I wailed and cried out.  Get away voices!

"You are nothing-nothing special!" The voices shouted in my head.

I just wanted to get the voices out.  How could I get the voices out? They circled in my head with their thoughts and brought me lower and lower each time.

And in that moment I felt the sting of each wrong-doing as it was scraped into my skin.  I watched and flinched back as all my sins were etched into my skin, making more blood spill all up my bare arms and legs.  I whimpered and sobbed at each wound.  I cried out as they became deeper and deeper. 

"Stop it! Please!"  I begged as tears poured down each side of my cheeks.  "God, where are you?"

My strength was failing and I felt myself slowly die.  I could feel the warmth of my body slowly going cold...

At that moment, near the moment of death I saw a bright light come through the darkness-a man.

"Do not be afraid," he called to me. 

Then he exclaimed, "Let her go, demon!  Her life won't save you!"

The other voice hissed in response.  "Why if it isn't the Prince himself?"

"Leave!" The man commanded and I felt the cold presence from the exterior leave, although I still remained cold on the inside.

The man repeated, "do not be afraid," as he picked me up in his arms.  I immediately noticed a difference-his body was warm and life flowed out of it.

"You can hear them too?"

"I can hear everything, my princess."

He carried me through the darkness of the forest to a pool of beautiful glittering water 

"Let me wash your wounds," he said.

"No!" I said. "I'll wash them myself."

"But that never works."

"How do you know?"

"Many people have tried before-no one has succeeded."

A sudden image came to mind of the man taking advantage of me.

"Tess, trust me.  I have no interest in that."

He put me down and helped me remove the sack dress.  Now I was fully naked in front of him.  I looked at his face to see his reaction, but he never looked down-he just stared into my eyes.

"You are a different man."

"I know you already, Tess.  Every part of you." 

He helped me into the pool and as soon as I touched the water, the scares that read lair, murderer, adulterer fled my body.  All gone.  I fully emerged myself in the water and everything disappeared.  All my scares and wounds and all the blood.   I felt refreshed and a true smile actually appeared on my face.  I looked up at the man. He was smiling at me.

"My bride, only my waters can fully heal you.  Come to me and don't become bait for the evil whispers." 

The End

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