My Conversion Story

Growing up in a Christian household-that was me!  Everyday of my life!  Did I dread it? No. Why? Because everything my parents ever enforced-every rule that The Holy Bible says not to do, or to do-it was for the better.  

I was very little when I allowed Christ to guard my life.  I would always ask my parents questions about the Bible from an early age, as I still do today.  

It was a Sunday night and my parents explained to me what it was to have Jesus in my heart.  I don't remember much, but I do remember at that point in time was my first time I accepted Christ.

People say that it doesn't count-She was too young!  How could she ever understand what it ment?  But even the Bible says to have faith like a child-kind of like when you believed in Santa Claus or the Easter Bunny.  With such excitement and wonder at this person (or animal.  For the Easter Bunny!) that you never see, but just have faith and believe they're there without seeing them fully.

Our family moved around a lot when I was in elementary school and I never understood why-my parents just exclaimed it was God's will.  So when I was half of sixteen, we moved.  I remember crying at first-all my friends were to be left behind!  But then I sucked it up.  If it was God's will, then surely He has good plans in store for me, I remember thinking.

And He did!  

My family moved and I made friends (that are still my friends today!).  

I also joined a Christian Group at my new church that encouraged memorizing Bible verses  and siting through boring teachings of God and Jesus...*yawn*  It was really boring after my first year, I'll admit.  I guess I never realized what being a real, radical Christian was about.  I mean if it was all memorizing verses and sitting through boring lectures and a whole bunch of to-do's, why even bother? 

Finally, it was my middle school years-the nasty transition stages of my life.  I struggled with a lot-lying, disobeying my parents, having materialistic idols, trying to be like other people...

I was a good student-got all A's throughout my three years of middle school, but that doesn't mean I was doing great things.

It was around those years in one particular summer that I watched my sister become baptized.  I became jealous of her.  It was like having a birthday!  My sister got presents from all sorts of people, people we barely even knew, too.  All the attention was focused on her.  I hated every minute of it.  So I vowed the next year to be baptized, so I did.

It was true of heart though.  It was for the attention of others.  And, like my three-year-old self accepting Christ, I had no clue what I was getting myself into.  

But it was a weird thing, as I closed my eyes to be dunked into the water, I felt different.  And as I went under with my eyes closed, I felt as though my eyes were opened.  When I came up I felt a difference and I couldn't describe it-like being reborn, except being able to remember it.  

It was a God-thing.

So instead of the whole day becoming about the spot-lights-on-me and getting gifts from people, it actually became a good day full of this newborn feeling.  I was so happy and clam the rest of the day-it was a surreal feeling.

It was later that year at a concert that I would be filled with this overwhelming warm feeling.  I told myself, this feeling is God. And then again with my hands raised and tears streaming down my face, I thought, God, I starting over.  The first time was different-I didn't know what I was getting into and I was so young...but Father, this time it's real, this time I know what I'm getting into.  I'm accepting you into my heart and life again. You are here.  I feel your presence.

 It was that same year that I started reading my Bible on a regular basis and constantly going out of my comfort zone to please my Father.

I am still a follower of Christ today.  I consider Him my Father, Shepard, and Friend.

Lots of people go into Christianity for the wrong reasons-to be classified as something, to be high in the social pyramid, to be happy-but it's much more then that. 

The End

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