Rosie: Hi

We entered the cafeteria and I smiled, there was still some evidence left on the walls from our food fight this afternoon. "Hey guys!" I looked over to the voice, Stephan.

Stephan waved at me and Harry to come sit by him, I rolled my eyes and gave him a thumbs up, mouthing 'hang on'.

"Harry, I'm gonna go get something that looks entirley inedible, you hungry?"

Harry smiled "Yeah, their serving my favorite, bin juice and dish rags" he laughed

"Yum, come on then" Harrys really easy to talk to, I'm glad I met him. We both went up to the counter and I got some fruit and what I think was meant to be pizza.

Harry got the same as me, minus the fruit.

"What, don't like apples?" I teased as we made our way oven to Stephan

"Is that an apple? I had no idea"

We sat down.

"Hey Harry, Hey Rose"


"Hi" I laughed

"Whats so funny?"

I shrugged "Doesn't matter" I retreived my sunglasses from my bag and put them on.

Harry sighed frustratedly but I let it go.

"How was both of your days then?" I asked casually, playing with my apple "After the food fight"

The End

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