Rosie: Reading

I sat in the library for what felt like hours, I was so immersed in my book that I burst out laughing as the character did. No-one was in the library except me so I just blushed and went back to the story line.

"What are you talking about? Course he likes you! Heck 'im and Jamie are fighting for ya behind your back!"
"Th-they are?" Alice's eyes widened and she blushed, no-one had ever fought over her before.
"Yes" Kirsty sighed and rolled her eyes "Seems like everyone except you have noticed it. What are you, blind?"
"Well I do have to wear contacts..."

I rolled my eyes "Poor diluded Alice"

"Is that any good?"

I jumped out of my seat to see Harry "Jesus Harry! You scared me half to death!"

"Only half?" he smiled teasingly

I rolled my eyes and smiled "Yeah, in a cheesy way it is pretty good"

"What was Alice so diluded about?"

I blushed. He heard me. "Oh...uh....two guys have been fighting over her behind her back and she doesn't even know, she doesn't believe it." I looked at the floor, man I have bad taste in books.

Harry laughed then compose himself, his lips still twitching "Does she end up with either guy?"

"I'm not sure, I think she's going to end up with her best friend."

"Why do you think that?"

"He's loved her since the day he met her, protected her like a brother, his love is so pure, how can they not be together?"

"What about the other guy?"

"A crush of hers, he's very smart and handome but then so is the other guy, she's really confused, I don't know what I'd do in her position"

Harry's smile was soft "Huh, I wonder if it works out okay in the end"

"I hope so" I sighed and brought myself back to the real world, becoming embarressed "At least I...uh...I'm kinda interested in romance stuff y'know, just a hobby of mine, no biggy" I shrugged and let my hair fall over my face again "Why are you here anyway? Need help with studying?"

Harry smiled "No, well not now atleast, it's time for dinner and I din't want you to get in trouble for skipping, their trying to figure out who did it, if you ditched..."

I sighed "I'd be caught" a small mischeivious smile appeared in my face "It was worth it though"

Harry's smile widened "C'mon then Rose, we can't be late"

I got up and walked to him "Yes, god forbid we behave badly at reform school" I laughed and we walked towards the mess hall-oops sorry 'cafeteria'.

The End

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