I walked away from Jake with a sinking feeling. He'd just been called to the Headmaster's office.. that could only mean bad news. I wove my way through the crowds and managed to get to my room again. I closed my door against the noise, sighing. I rubbed my temples absent-mindedly. I had a headache.

I changed into some different clothes, since I had the afternoon off, deciding to go for a walk. After picking up my iPod, I got out into the grounds. By the front door, the Headmaster caught me.

"Ms. Jasmine, a word please."

I nodded, trying to stay calm.

Jake must have got out by now then... I hope he's okay.

"It has come to my attention that you are in a relationship with Mr. Porlo." the Head began in a sickeningly kind tone.

I said nothing, shock freezing me where I stood.

There was a sinister smile. "My sources are correct, and confirmed by Mr. Porlo...unless you wish to call him a liar-"

"He's not." I said, quietly. "Although I don't understand where you are going with this."

"As you know, I am aware of the incident which lead to you coming here."

"That was not something I could control." I said, speaking strongly "He attacked me. I defended myself and..."

"Yes, yes. I am aware of your account as well." A sneer. "However, that was not what I wished to talk to you about. Merely that you and Mr. Porlo are free to be together, although public displays are not recommended."

I swallowed, nodding. "Why the sudden change?" I aske flatly.

"You will see." Another smile. "And Ms. Jasmine," I had started walking away but turned back. "I advise you not you leave the school grounds. It would not bode well for you at all."

With that the Head left.

"Tempting..." I murmured.

"Yes, you are." Jake said, appearing from around the corner, laughing.

I ran, throwing my arms around him and kissing him on the cheek.

"Hey." I smiled, putting my head on his chest. "Missed you."

The End

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