Rosie: Harry and Stephan

I walked over to my locker, running over the free period I had shared with Stephan, it was fun as study sessions go, I never thought I could tutor anyone, guesse I was wrong.  I shoved my books in my locker and looked around. Harry and Stephan? Guesse I didn't need to introduce them afterall. I blew my stray hair out of my face and made my way over

“Hey Rose,” Harry smiled, I blushed

“Hello Harry, hey Stephan,”

“How was your first day?” he asked, I shrugged

“You know, odd food fight dull history lesson, it wasn’t too bad,”

“The usual then,”he joked I smiled again

“Any idea what we have to do now? I mean this is a reform school do we have to write lines saying ‘I will never commit a crime again’?” I laughed

“No, we do that every morning at six,” he said,

“Seriously?” my mouth was open in shock

“Just kidding,” he smiled I playfully punched his arm,

“Oww!” I rubbed it vigorously “that actually really hurt!” he said,

“I am so sorry!” I said looking shocked,

“Not really, you think you could hurt me?” he asked laughing I blushed again

“Hi Rosie,” Stephan said, my eyebrows mashed as I looked at him,

“I’ve been here for a good two minutes,” I said

“I know, I just hadn’t said hi, and how beautiful you look today,” he winked, I smiled and shook my head slowly, he must be out of it bless him.

“I’ll catch you around,” I said to Harry, “bye Stephan,”

I smiled as I walked off, my shades didn't seem like a neccesity anymore, not that I could wear them anyway, I had stuffed them in my locker.

I sighed contentedly and made my way to the library, might aswell find a few good books while I'm stuck here.

I pulled the first book off the shelf and had to controll my laughter: Law and Order (a lawyers guide) well, isn't that ironic!

The End

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