Harry : New Friend

I trawled through the day and soon I was sat in French, I looked around and saw the faces of the other pupils, so far I hadn’t made any friends. Glancing at the guy who had been with Rosie, I wanted to punch him, but I didn’t and then Jake came in, the guy I had had the fight with. He was with that red head too because he went straight over and sat down next to her, I shook my head slowly and concentrated. I had never done French before but I was a quick learner and so I hoped I wasn’t too behind, the teacher spoke to Jake asking him to repeat what she had just said. I decided after class I was going to get a friend, someone to hang round with and so I could stop being the total loser that I felt like now.


The bell rang and I walked up to the guy I had seen with Rosie keep your friends close and your enemies even closer I thought to myself.
“Hey,” the tall boy turned around, he was my height,
“Hey?” he said it as if it were a question,
“I’m new here and…” I began but he cut in,
“And you want someone to show you the ropes?” he guessed,
“Pretty much,” I smiled,
“Well that isn’t going to happen, I’m new too,” he grinned, “I’m Stephan by the way,”
“Harry,” I shook his hand and he inclined his head to the door,
“Shall we?” he asked,
“Sure.” We stepped outside and into the corridor, it was the end of the day, “I don’t usually get all pally with randomers, no offence,” he said, I shrugged, “but there is this smoking girl I want to find, wanna come with?” he asked,
“Sure,” I agreed and followed him, praying that it wouldn’t be Rosie. We strolled down the corridor, Stephan was clever and sporty he also was half Asian which made his skin quite dark.

“There she is,” he said stopping to lean against a locker; I stopped and groaned internally, it was Rosie for sure. Her beautiful blonde hair fell around her face and her blue eyes stood out for miles, I was sure she was the prettiest person I had seen, and what’s more, she was English. She looked up from her locker and blew a few strands of hair from her eyes; she smiled and shoved away all her books before coming over to us. Stephan was really into her, he was gawking his mouth open slightly, I decided to take the initiative and talk,
“Hey Rose,” I said she blushed,
“Hello Harry, hey Stephan,”
“How was your first day?” I asked, she shrugged,
“You know, odd food fight dull history lesson, it wasn’t too bad,”
“The usual then,” I joked she smiled again and made my heart pick up a beat,
“Any idea what we have to do now? I mean this is a reform school do we have to write lines saying ‘I will never commit a crime again’?”
“No, we do that every morning at six,” I said,
“Seriously?” she asked her mouth opened in shock,
“Just kidding,” I smiled she playfully punched me arm,
“Oww!” I rubbed it vigorously “that actually really hurt!” I said,
“I am so sorry!” she said looking shocked,
“Not really, you think you could hurt me?” I asked laughing she blushed one last time,
“Hi Rosie,” Stephan said, her eyebrows mashed as she looked at him,
“I’ve been here for a good two minutes,” she said,
“I know, I just hadn’t said hi, and how beautiful you look today,” he winked, she smiled and shook her head slowly,
“I’ll catch you around,” she said to me, “bye Stephan,” I beamed as she walked away.

“Oh man!” Stephan hit the locker, “She prefers you,”
“We just know each other a little better,” I lied,
“I guess she would go for the tall, blond guy,” he shrugged, “I guess there are more fish in the sea,”
“Don’t give up,” I said, although my head was screaming Give up! Give Up!
“So you don’t like her?”
“Not in that way,” I lied, he smiled at me,
“Good, I’d hate to be in competition with my new friend.”

The End

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