"No. We're fine babe." Even though normally I hated being called 'babe', coming from Jake, I didn't mind it at all. He gently kissed me on the lips, though I think we both knew we couldn't carry on kissing where we could so easily be seen.

We sat for a while, comfortable to just be with each other. He reached over and squeezed my thigh, making me smile. I leaned my head on his shoulder. I felt his hand on my head and I closed my eyes for a moment. Images of another guy rose in my minds eye. From before. He looked down on me, face covered in blood, eyes dark with anger and hate.

You hit me! B*tch! I own you.. Now you'll pay..

My eyes flicked open, the words from my past echoing in my head. It had been him that forced me here.

 "So...you never told me...how did you end up here?" I said, more to think about something else than to make conversation. Guilty though I was, no one had stopped to think that I may have had reason.

Jake was silent for a while, his hand frozen on my head. I sensed he didn't want to answer the question.

"Well, I..."

Suddenly, the bell rang. "Oh, well, I guess I'll see you around." he said, sounding relieved.

Jake got up, walking away quickly. I hurriedly followed him, grabbing his shoulder. He spun round to face me and I kissed him quickly on the lips, putting my arms around him.

 "See you around..." I whispered, kissing his neck gently.

I walked away, ducking my head a little as a happy blush crept over my cheeks. I slipped into my History class, slightly earlier than the others. The lesson passed with nothing exciting. It was followed by French, something I found easy. I sat down and was gazing unfocusedly around the classroom. I noticed Stephan there, also looking distracted and the guy that had been fighting with Jake, Harry, was also sat in the room. A couple of girls I recognised from around came in, followed by Jake. My breath caught a little, but I kept a calm face. He caught my eye and the corner of his mouth lifted a little. I struggled not grin back. He took the seat next to me.

"Well hello you," he smiled, keeping his voice low. I smiled back at him.

"This might be interesting," I murmured, keeping my eyes forward as the lesson began.

"Hm, depends how easily you get distracted." Jake replied brushing his hand over my thigh.

I bit the inside of my cheek to stop myself grinning.

"Mr. Porlo. Kindly pay attention to the class and repeat what I just told you. And Ms. Browne, pay attention also please or I may have to separate the pair of you."

I blushed, letting my hair fall to cover my face from the rest of the class. Jake cleared his throat, repeating the last point the teacher had made perfectly. I bit back another smile as I caught Jake's eye again. His was glittering with mischief.

The teacher moved on without further comment. While the class worked noisily on something, I murmured to Jake in an undertone.

"You know, I think having you in the same class may be a little too distracting.."

He laughed softly. "I'll behave from now on, if you want."

"Only when other people are around." I whispered back. I glanced back at Jake and he was grinning.

"Guess thats a deal...for now." he murmured back.

We managed to get through the lesson without too much incident. We left class together, since we both had study periods at the same time. However, suddenly, someone called after us.

The End

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