Rosie: Cancelled

Stephan walked me to english but I felt uncomfortable, we didn't talk and I hated to admit that this guy that had intruiged me so much.....I don't know. What can I say?

"I-Is this your first year?"

"No, it isn't" ooops, bad move. "Is it yours?"

"Yeah" I sighed "I,um met a guy in the cafeteria today, Harry, do you know him?"

"No, I don't think so"

I looked at my feet, awkward......"Well, I'd love to introduce you both sometime" I smiled slightly.

His eyes swept the corridoor and I blushed when his stare rested on my eyes "Why do you wear your sunglasses inside?"

"Um....I'm not sure, I guesse I feel safer with them on"

He nodded "You should leave them off, you know, you might get some guys attension"

I chuckled "Doubt it"

We stopped infront of the classroom, a note written in an eligant script "English class cancled due to extensive food fight damage"

"Looks like you got us out of class Rosie"

I laughed "Never thought it would close class, I should do it more often, but before maths instead"

I looked around the hall and realised that we were alone and he was dangerously close....

"Why don't we go somewhere, y'know since class is cancled" I laughed "I could help you with homework"

Stephan smiled "Sure, I'd like that"

The End

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