Rosie: wow

The food fight tactic worked out better than I'd hoped, I think smepeople got carried away but when I saw a guy and girl run out from the corner and away from the blade I smiled.

"Gotta go, check you later Harry" I got up from underneath the table, usng my books as a sheild. I dodged meatballs and what I can only assume was a bowl of fruit.

I smiled slightly, I didn't usually smile that much, I only ever did around people I trusted or just couldn't help smiling with.

I imagined how much carnage was going on back at the cafeteria and found my smile more pronounced and then....bam. I fell on my butt.

"I'm so sorry! Are you okay?"

I rubbed my head and sighed "Yeah, I'll be fine"

I looked up to meet a pair of warm brown eyes.

"Are you sure?"

Wow. I felt my cheeks get hot. Say something Rosie! "I'm sure" I pulled myself up and was handed my books.


"Good" he exhaled in relief and ran his left hand through his hair, pulling out a meatball

I laughed under my breath

"Food fight was pretty big, wonder who started it"

I looked down, hiding an evident smile "Guilty"

"You did?"

"Yeah, sorry about your hair, it got a little bit out of control"

"It's okay, I guesse this makes us even?"

"Guesse so" I laugh and bring myself back down to earth, calm down Rosie I told myself "Hey,do you know where my english class is?" I handed him my timetable "I'm competely lost"

He looked at it "We uh...have the same class. I'll walk you"

"Thanks, I owe you one"

The End

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