As I walked off, I was hoping that Jake would run after me. I mean, he started all this, he kissed me first and he ran off. I couldn't have let him go without at least showing him..

But he let me go. He didn't run after me, he didn't stop me. I walked as slowly as I could without making it obvious. Each step I wanted to turn round and go back to him, but my cheeks were going redder and my eyes burned. I felt humiliated and rejected. I picked my bag up slowly, letting my hair cover my face for the most part. I went back to my locker, to change my books so that I could get something else done.

Stephan was at his locker, next to mine. I didn't say anything to him, hoping he would ignore me.

"Hey Jasmine, you okay?" he asked, sounding hyped up.

"Yeah, fine thanks." I replied, not looking up. I could still feel the blush on my cheeks, although it was fading.

"Where'd you get to? I didn't see you at lunch.." he asked, looking at me closely.

"I...took a walk." I muttered, wanting to get away. I glanced up. "You have food in your hair." I pointed out and despite myself, I grinned. He looked adorably foolish.

He rolled his eyes, flicking his dark hair away. "You missed a food fight at lunch.. Ah well, guess I'd better get a shower then." He laughed.

I smiled back at him. "I'll see you around then." I replied quietly.

"Look, Jasmine, I know its nothing to do with me, but are you okay? You seem a bit...upset."

I nodded. "Don't worry, I'm fine." I gave him another smile.

Stephan nodded again. "Fairs. If you ever need to talk, I'll be around."

"Thank you.." I went the opposite way to him, back to the library. I didn't meet anyone and settled down to work.

A short time later, there was a light tap on my shoulder. I unplugged my music and looked up.

"Jake? Why are you here?"

The End

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