I rubbed my jaw and staggered backwards, what had just happened?

 I had been walking to my dorm, suitcase in tow and out of nowhere this guy had suddenly just walked straight into me, making me fall against the wall. I'd sized him up and was about to ask him what his problem was when he sucker punched me. I wasn't one for violence but this guy was seriously out of line! I swung at him and caught him straight in the face, he'd let out a small grunt and took a step back,
"What the hell?" I growled, I kicked him hard with my army boot. He clutched his leg and groaned, I laughed and began to walk away, little did I know he was playing dead, he grabbed me around the neck and kneed my back. I fell to the ground.

"Oi!" A red head yelled at us, "what the hell do you think you're doing?!" I ignored her as the guy looked up at her all love-eyed; I smacked him off me and rolled on top of him, punching his face. The fearless girl came right up to me and harmlessly punched me in the ribs; I got up and looked at her.
"I'll say it again, what the hell are you two doing?" she asked, almost daring me to hit her. I reminded myself of one of my lifetime promises, never hit a girl. "Are you planning on getting the lot of us in trouble or something? It's the first freaking day!" She was angry; I rubbed my face and looked over her,
"Huh. And who do you think y'are?" I asked teasing her,
"Jasmine," she replied, perhaps she was acting so defensive because she had a thing with this other guy. I nodded to them both and picked up my case, as I had previously guessed, this school was full of psychos. I headed to my dorm room and dropped my case on the floor. I began to unpack, putting up pictures of my brothers and parents as well as posters of my favorite American rock band and the Knicks. A shrill bell sounded, I stood up and glanced at the only window in my room, barred of course, it was a view of a cemetery, how delightful I thought as I made my way to the canteen.

The End

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