I walked through the tall wrought iron gates with my head down, I don't know how this happened, I was a good student, fairly did this happen? The awnser was easy. My b**** of a sister.

 She was on alcohol, drugs and she stole frequently. My mum and dad never believed she was capable of it, my older sister just had to batt her eyelashes, pout and suddenly she was off the hook. I hated it. She always found some way to pin the blame on me and it was down to my too caring persona.

To cut to the chase, my sister sneaked out one night and I followed her, preparing for the final confrontation or at the very least some evidence so she could get some help. I followed her in the shadows until we came to St Bernice's graveyard. Yeah, I know. She strode over to her new found friends and started drinking from a suspicious bottle and when she pulled out my mother's medication.....I lost it. I stormed over and grabbed the bottle from her, demanding to know what she was doing, why she was trying to kill herself, she said she was trying to get high.
I squared up to her and she tripped, banging her head on a head stone. The police turned up, my finger prints on the bottles, my sister bleeding and crying claiming I did it and that she was the one who followed me. She even had her friends as sobbing wittnesses. I was convicted of under-aged drinking, drug dealing and assault, luckily my best friend's mum was a lawyer and she somehow got me into reform school. Lucky me.

As I pulled my luggage up to my room, I did not feel so lucky. Then I bumped into someone at my locker "Names Jasmine" I stared at her gorgeous red hair and swallowed hard. Just like her hair.

"Rosie" I murmered quietly and walked off, bags in tow. Then I heard a snap and when I looked down I saw that a wheel had broken off. Fantastic. I sighed at pulled it along anyway, feeling the stares of several boys, the shades I almost always wore gave me an air of mistery according to my ex-friends. To be honest I just wore them because I felt better, more confident.

I dumped my bags in my room and pulled out a poster, a sunset with my favorite quote 'I build walls to see who cares enough to break them down'  how ironic.

I walked out of the room toward what I hoped was the library and bumped into someone "Sorry"

I turned my head and mumbled once again "Sorry" and ran off

The End

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