Reform school. Guess it was the only place left for a girl like me. Everyone else had washed their hands of me.

As I walked through the corridors, I brushed past a tall, dark eyed guy by accident.

"Sorry." I muttered and hurried past, letting my red hair cover my face. He said something back, but I missed it, turning a corner to get to the lockers. I got to mine and found a small, blonde haired girl standing by the locker next to me.

"Hey," I said quietly. She looked up, her eyes wide. I swallowed, looking down. I had gotten a lot of hassle from jealous girls in the past. I had been cursed with good looks and higher than average intellect.

"Name's Jasmine" I offered her a smile and put my shoulder bag away.

"Rosie." She replied quietly and turned to go.

Huh. Typical English rose.. and innocent judging from the look she gave me. Probably thinks I'm some kind of monster.

I let her go, pulling out some posters to stick in my locker. Just bands I liked mostly, since I wanted to forget the people who had left me here. I was humming one of my favorite songs mostly to myself, so I didn't notice when someone came up behind me.

"You like LostProphets too?"


The End

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