First Day of school. same as every other, the awkwardness, fading to hyperness, the new people, the old friends. like any other school.

'cept I'm not normal. but before you judge me, please, I beg you, sometimes a persons actions dont dictate their character, but in fact circumstances dictate action, and even the worst actions can be the way to go in the worst circumstances. so whatever you think of me, let it be as someone who will always strive for the right finish. not neccacarily through the right channels. this year though there was a new girl. heard her name, rosie, she was beautiful, her eyes full of fear. she was obviously innocent- and therefore not going to go for a Reffy like me... still. something felt different about this year.... maybe it was half the ground being cordened off, maybe it was the new buildings. but something was going to go down this year. i know it.

The End

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