Reform School

Saint Lucif's.
Reform school for sinful children.
Head Master : Master Goldstein
Pupils : 100
We are very proud of our settlement here at Saint Lucif's, a full time boarding school, with a secure perimeter and twenty-four hour surveillance.

Everyone at Saint Lucif’s has done something terrible, something so atrocious even parents wouldn’t look us in the eye.

Saint Lucif’s has been open for one hundred years, but it was initially built in the 1700’s by a man named Saint Lucif. It is situated in the moors of South Devon, a perfect place for children to be kept without fear of them running off because there is nowhere to go. The campus is made up of a church, cemetery, marshes, an old coal mine, dormitory blocks and the classrooms, as well as the ancient library and the assembly hall. The whole feel of the school is depressing, if you wander too far left you’ll be drowned into the deathly green marshes and too far right you’ll get lost on the moors never to return. The coal mine is where people serve detention, if you are really quiet and listen hard you can hear the wind at the bottom, but it sounds eerily similar to trapped ghosts of the past.

When you tell someone you’re from a reform school they automatically take a step back and become wary of your every move. I just laugh in their face, they usually walk away at the point, but all of the pupils here we get along, most of us that is. There are two main groups, the people who are bad through and through and want to make life hell for everyone, the other half are the people who want to change and return to have a normal life. And then there are people like me, people who are innocent but convicted guilty but the thing is people like me, we don’t stand for injustice and prejudice, we fight!

The End

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