An Imminent Suffering

This is my personal views on what society is in my eyes, and what we can do to make life a better thing to live.

     Ridiculous I'd say,  is a society in which popularity is based upon what your income is,  what car you drive,  or the clothes you wear.  How large you may be,  or how small,  has nothing to do with the person you are on the inside.  People seem to struggle with seeing past material objects and physical appearances.  They treat these people as lesser beings,  and the respect that they give them is close to none.

     We are all guilty of labeling someone we see below average or not good enough due to the fact that they may not be able to afford clothing,  a car,  or maybe their size is larger than that of a weight we would like to call average.  These things in our life is what creates a society that discriminates on appearance,  not on what is truly below the surface.  We are born as innocent creatures,  prone to this world of sins and lies,  so we find it imminent that this lifestyle is to be projected upon our young.  Why do we do this?  Why does our species create this objection and rejection to anything less than perfect?  Can we even stop this?  I've come to think that it is truly impossible,  as it has become human nature due to the repeating cycle.  Our mentality on this matter is,  "Oh,  well I'm nice to everyone".  Truth being you're not.  No one can maintain this lifestyle of being nice to everyone all the time,  no matter how hard we try.

     This discrimination has been very much shown throughout history.  In biblical times,  Jesus Christ gave a lesson on top of Mt. Eremos,  know known to us as the sermon on the mount.  In this teaching,  he expressed ideas of loving each other as we would want to be loved.  In Luke 6:31 it is said,  "Do to others as you would have them do to you".  This statement,  paved the way for a new society to be created.  A society in which discrimination is only present against evil.  I believe if everyone were to follow this one rule,  Earth and mankind would prosper,  and life would yield less conflict,  pain,  and suffering.


The End

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