Chapter Acht, Liebe, LiterallyMature

“OW Dolly!! STOP TOUCHING ME THERE!” Tonsy screams flinching away and putting all her weight in my out stretched hands. Two seconds later my arms give away and the three of us plonk to the ground.

From my lovely position under the two fatties I look over at the boys who seem to be having as much trouble getting over the fence as we are.


“That does it Tonsy!” I huff, “ You have crap upper body strength!! So why don't you just let me and Dolly go over and we'lll tell you all about it when we come back?!!” Tonsy’s mouth hangs open. She is speechless and tonsy is never ever speechless.

Just when she is about to reply I kick off my black heels and throw them into the boys’ side then grab two bars of the fence. My hands are clammy from trying to hoist Dolly over so they stick to the metal. It’s a lot easier to climb with bare feet and to every ones surprise I’m sitting on the top of the fence in a matter of minutes.


Below the boy called Face throws out his arms and screams at me to jump. So I do. Tonsy  stares daggers at me when I drop into his arms. He puts me down a big stupid grin on his face and I proceed to collect my shoes.


The other boys stare expectantly Tonsy and Dolly waiting for them to climb as well and I just cross my arms and smirk, wondering whether Dolly will agree with my plan. 

"I've a plan!" Face exclaims a few seconds of awkward silence later.

"This should be good," mutters Speckz sarcastically, leaning lazily against the gate. Minutes later he receives a smack in the face from Face. God boys are so agressive....


The End

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