Chapter VII, Face, TheGirlMature

I hobbled past a stammering Don, still in pain, and grabbed onto the fence. The girls had backed off a little. I supposed they didn't know what a dick was, just as I had no idea why their chests were so swollen.

"Sorry to scare you girls," I said. Old Tricker used to tell me that girls loved a guy who understood them. And you had to "be nice, or pay the price." I'd asked him once what the price was, but he'd only grinned perversely to himself and said "You'll know it when it happens, lad." He was skimpy with the details, was Old Tricker.

"Yeah, well, you did!" snapped the one with the short hair.

Jeez. Old Tricker never mentioned they were cranky. Oh well. It wasn't me who insulted them.

I hit Don's arm witht he back of my hand. "For fuck sake, Don! Don't you know how to behave in front of lovely women?"

Don shot daggers from his eyes. Speckz, who was rubbing viciously at his cheeks, burst past us and spoke through the fence.

"So, what are your names?" he asked bluntly.

The londe one who'd kissed him blushed and stepped forward. "I'm Tonsy."

"Liebe," said the pixie girl.

"Dolly," said the one who had underestimated the pain that had been inflicted on my dick.

"I have a question - is it true that you sometimes exchange blood? Like, bite each other and drink each others' blood?"

Tonsy turned wide eyes towards the other two, and they all cracked up laughing.

Heat filled my face and anger filled my stomach. What an idiot. Was he trying to completely humiliate me?!

"No!" Dolly screeched with laughter. "No, we do not!"

"Interesting!" said Speckz. "Coz my friend Face here -"

I slammed my shoulder into him. "Shut up, you four-eyed idiot!" I yelled as he fell on the ground. He grabbed onto my legs and pulled me down. I didn't mind having to beat him up - Old Tricker always told me that girls loved a tough man who could fight for himself. We wrestled and cursed and spat at each other for a while, when I suddenly realized the girls had lost interest in us, and were crowded around Don.

I shoved Speckz away from me, sat up, and wiped a little blood from my lip. The girls giggled at something Don just said. Fuck.

The End

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