Chapter Six, Rana Dolcci, TemglinMature

"I'm sure they were great Tonsy.." I rolled my eyes, stood up and wandered down the hill "so great you dropped the one thing letting you see them? You two.."

Tonsy ran at me and grabbed the binoculars before going straight past to try to get a closer look with Liebe close behind. I turned around to follow. After all, you don't get to see boys everyday.

And that's when I saw it. A head of dark hair hover for a moment and then drop down and then, very quickly after, fall to the ground as Tonsy yelled something at him and threw the binoculars. Huh.. they must have a soft bit there.
I reached the barrier fence and looked at them uncertainly. They looked dirty. Not to mention the one on the floor seemed to be almost crying; so they were weak too. Considering these were the infamous "boys", they were very unimpressive.

The boy named 'Specz' - bloody strange name.. - had his hand stuck out in front of him. I glanced at Liebe to confirm I wasn't just the idiot of the group and then looked back at the uncomfortable looking boy with his hand out. He wanted to 'shake hands'. Sounded shifty to me. I didn't trust this boy. Not one bit.

Naturally, Tonsy had to be the first to touch them but this didn't make it any less surprising when she stepped forward, whispered in his ear, kissed him on both cheeks and then pushed him back; giggling as she went.

"What the hell are you doing Tonsy?! Don't you know they're diseased you stupid twat you're gonna get all their illnesses and die now! Why did you touch him?!"

"Cool off Liebe, does it look like she's dying?"

"But they said in school-"

" 's weird. Their skin feels wrong." Tonsy was looking slightly dazed at this point.

"What do you mean their skin feels wrong? How can it feel wrong? Aren't they meant to be just like us..?"

Liebe turned to me "Well they're obviously not the same are they? They're really weak and they don't have boobs!"

"Shut up Liebe. You know what I mean! Right, I'm gonna go and talk to that brown haired one who Tonsy hit since he's finally standing again... weakling." He looked at me, panic in his eyes and then whispered something to the short, shaggy-haired one next to him, "I'm Dolly." The boys all winced at my voice, "why did you fall to the ground when my friend through those binoculars at you? What's wrong with you?"

They all looked at each other for a moment. The one with shaggy hair coughed slightly, "You mean.. you don't have a.. dick?" They began to nervously chuckle and I stepped back, completely confused. What the hell is a dick?!

The End

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