Chapter Funf! Speckz, Literally-ExquisiteMature

“Right lads, the last thing we’ve left ta do is climb this fence!” Face says grabbing onto two of its metal bars, looking smugly at me. What an idiot. Instead of going into Reprode through the entrance, Face had created a plan with involves illegally climbing the barrier fence and meeting some girls on their own side.


As usual Face hasn’t really thought his plan through; the fence is 20ft tall, has no foot holes and is electrified at the top. Not to mention the fact that if we’re caught in Les Abian the girls are allowed to torture and kill us.


“That’s a great plan Face!” I smirk, “You can go first and show Don and I how it’s done!” Folding my arms, I watch as Face grabs two metal bars, hoists himself approximately an inch off the ground, hangs there for a minute- then drops back down. He turns around glaring at me as I begin laughing at his epic fail.


“SHUT IT @$$HEAD!” He shouts punching me in the chest. For a big guy his punch is weak like a little boys. I laugh harder at this, knowing its pi$$ing him off. He jumps on me, punching and kicking in every direction.


“DUDES!” Don cries pulling us apart and pushing us in the direction of the fence,“Look.”


That’s when I see them. They’re pretty, more beautiful than any boy I’ve ever seen. But that’s the thing, they aren’t boys at all. On the other side of the fence, looks of awe on their faces, stood three of the most beautiful beings I’ve ever seen.


“This sucks!” One of them cries, her voice high pitched and musical, “Their skin isn’t green at all!” She fires a pair of gold binoculars towards the fence in anger. They wiz past me, hitting Face right where the sun don’t shine. He slumps to the ground wincing in agony.


“Sorry,” She mumbles, her cheeks turning a strange red colour. How did she know where our weak spot is?  Girls have obviously been taught a lot more about boys, than we are about them and I find that scary.


 I stare at the girl, her body is different to mine. She has weird lumps on her chest and her skin is soft and probably mushy to touch unlike my hard guns of steal.


“Um hi, I’m Speckz,” I gain the courage to say after a minute or two, sticking my hand through the fence for her to shake. The three girls just stare at my hand like its covered in sweat or something. “What do you not shake hands in Les Abain?” I ask.


The three mumble a “no” and the tallest girl, with long blonde hair and a strange outfit steps forward. At this stage I’m literally $h!+!ng it. As fast as a cheetah she grabs my hoodie and pulls me towards the bars. Her nose is almost touching mine, the only thing separating us is a cold metal bar.


“When we say hello in Les Abain,” She whispers so only I can hear, “We do this,” She slowly presses her lips to my right cheek then my left. My mouth opens wide in shock and when she lets my jumper go I fall back on my @r$e. She giggles and skips back to her shocked friends.


“My god, girls are terrifying” Don mutters helping me off my butt. I have to agree, I’ve never been so scared in my life and last summer I went swimming with great white sharks.

The End

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