Chapter IV: Tonsy Frillson, TheGirlMature

Peering through my solid gold binoculars - they were gold-plated, but felt pretty solid. That's what "solid gold" mean, right - I scanned the heaving black crowd, but was unable to make out any of the faces or details of the people entering the Reprode from the Masturbatian side. Damn.

"Can't see no one," I sulked, pushing the stupid useless binoculars into Dolly's lap. She held them with her fingertips, as though they were covered in boogers.

"Why would I want to peer at those disgusting mutants?" she asked, wrinkling up her nose, and tossing the binoculars back into my lap.

"Why are you here then?" demanded Liebe. "Give me the binoculars." She took them and started to peer at the crowds. "Tonsy, these binoculars are a piece of shit."

"Oh, shut up, hoe," I snapped.

"HOLY CRAP!" Liebe suddenly exclaimed, actually hopping to her feet and stepping in the direction of the barriers, still with the binoculars held to her eyes.

"What, what, what?!" I screamed, stumbling to my feet and following her.

"I see them! Men! Boys! Look!"

I took the binoculars and looked where she was pointing. "I don't see anything, Liebe."

"Between the fence and that stupid little rope! Look, you fluffy-brained twat!"

"I'm sorry, Liebe, I don't know what I'm looking for here!" But just then the binoculars fell upon two figures that were walking alongside each other, just at the other side of the fence. "I SEE THEM!" I yelled, hopping up and down in excitement, and dropping the binoculars. They started to tumble downhill, but neither Liebe or I really cared. We'd seen boys. Boys!!

I turned towards Dolly, who was sitting on the grass, looking quite bored.

"Dolly, you should have seen them," I said, voice dripping with awe - "They haven't got any boobs!"

The End

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