Chapter Three, London Raiki, TemglinMature

I could see the two idiots from where I was standing, Face with Specz following his lead like he'd never been wrong. Of course, he would be wrong here too - nothing ever went right when those two were involved. In fact, if things ever went right for Face then we wouldn't have met: always walking in the wrong class room; tripping over me in the hallway; coming up with brilliant ideas which would fall through.

I guess the friendship really started when Face crept past in secondary school, Specz behind him and hid behind the lockers I had been standing next to.. I went to walk away when I was grabbed back behind the lockers with them and my mouth covered. "Shhhhhh" was all the explanation I was getting.
It was only a matter of seconds before Mr Randy-Ask ran out of his classroom screaming bl**dy Mary and being chased by a class of giggling children along with around three chickens. To this day Face and Specz have never explained to me what they did.

 They were walking back towards me now, heads hung low after being turned away being the bouncer-type man at the gate; presumably because they were under the age legally required... but of course, to Face this was of absolutely no importance when he came up with this plan.
"It went well then?" I started to chuckle as Specz looked up at me as though he wanted to have it out and instead shifted his glasses slightly and dared to look back over at the bouncer.
"Shut up Don. We're going to get over there... Somehow."

Specz and I stared at him in surprise. Was he planning on breaking into Les Abian? Did he not know that we could get killed?
But there was a wild spark in his eyes and I knew there was no getting out of this. He had told us now and he would think up a plan.

"We can't Face.." Specz was looking concerned, he recomposed his face "The girls don't let us in when it isn't the Reprode. Don't be stupid Face, there's-"

"We're a clever bunch Specz, we could get in." Shock crossed through Specz eyes at my words. "It's not like I want to meet our opposites but it would give us something to do for the next few weeks we have off. And it'll take our mind off our results."

"See Specz, even Don agrees. Don't fret, we'll work out a way to get in."

I hope to God this doesn't get us killed.

The End

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