Chapter Zwei, Liebe Uvla, Literally-ExquisiteMature

Ahh Chooo! I flinch as wet yuck hits the side of my face. Scowling I raise my hand and push Tonsy’s head away from my own, while Dolly literally pisses her self laughing at my disgusted face.

 “Gee, thanks Tonsy! I’ve always wanted your snot on my face!” I mumble as she giggles and skips away, pig tails bouncing in her wake. Some times I really wonder about that girl.

 The three of us were on our way to the gates of Reprode, not to go in of course, just to have a good look and maybe even catch a glimpse of an infamous boy. From what I heard boys are rude, smelly and there skins green, so they can stay away from me.  But boarder watching during Repo week is a ritually for Tonsy, Dolly and I, so we couldn't not do it.

 Reprode is three miles away from Les Abains main town centre and boarders with Masturbatia, boy country. Every four years a Reproduction week between boys and girls takes place in the small town and no one under the age of seven teen knows what goes on there. From what I've heard it’s disgusting and involves sticking your tongue into a boy’s mouth! Could you imagine that? Gross!

 Violet hill over looks Les Abain’s boarder and from it we can see a line of girls which goes on for miles into the distances as they await entry into Reprode. A pink wall, taller than most trees blocks off the view into the town.

 I watch as Dolly lays blanket down on the soft green grass then jumps down on it, she has no interest in border watching and will more than likely sleep the whole time we’re here. Tonsy on the other hand, stands eagerly binoculars hanging from a string onher neck.

 “I can feel it Liebe!” She says seriously, “This is the year  we will finally see a boy.” I roll my eyes, that girls a real daydreamer.


The End

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