Rebels of the SegregationMature

Men and women have been segregated for centuries. Now, three boys and three girls are breaking the boundaries. What will they discover - about the Opposites, and about themselves?

Chapter One - Face; TheGirlInTheCupboard

The crowds were heavy on the borderlines of Masturbatia, like the sea had turned to human men and flooded the land. Men threw themselves against the metal barriers that fortified the entrance to the Reprode. Those who knew what they were missing. Those who knew exactly what they were here for.

Speckz and I, on the other hand, stood among this yelling crowd, the stench of testosterone thicker in the air than oxygen.

"Did you have to endure these crowds last time you entered Les Abian?" Speckz asked, voice laced in the sarcasm I was so often object to.

"Of course," I replied, the confidence of truth flowing easily into my deceptive words. "Everything is going just as it usually does. Why don't you chillax, Parker?"

Speckz flicked his eyes upward. Cynical bastard! Why did he never fall for my impressive bullshit stories?! Someone like him didn't deserve the company of someone as great as me. Yet somehow I took pity on the insufferable geek.

I grabbed his arm and pushed him forward as the crowd heaved closer to the gates. A tall, bulky lad in bright yellow overalls was yelling at the crowds to get back and file up. No such thing happened. What was that idiot thinking?

"Go!" I growled at Speckz, shoving him towards the overalls man.

The two of us stumbled out of the now retreating crowd and fell at the giant man's feet. He stared down at us like we were a couple of rats that had just jumped out of his toilet.

"Looking for a bit of love, are we, lads?" he asked, eyebrows high on his egg-shaped head.

Speckz looked like he was about to be sick on the security officer's shiny black shoes. I was feeling just about the same, but at least I was better at keeping my cool than that nerd.

I got calmly to my feet.

"My colleague and I request entry to the Reprode. We have affiliates on the other side that are expecting us. Some of them are gravely ill and have requested that we visit. In fact, they're dying. One is already dead, and we're desperately late for the funeral. By which case, we don't request, we require entry. So, if you'd be so kind -" I took a step to the side of the officer, and suddenly felt a huge hand grasp a lump of my t-shirt and pull me a few inches from the ground.

"Don't think so, asshole," he grumbled in my ear. "No fucking kids are allowed."

He released me, but at the same time directing me in the way of the tall metal barrier. I realized there was a narrow laneway created by a measly rope here, and I was being directed down it.

"You two, four-eyes. Hit the road before I tear out your pancreas and make you eat it!"

Speckz winced and stumbled after me. I have to admit that this man even scared me a little.

"Great going, genius," Speckz hissed as the made the walk of shame around the waiting crowd.

"Shut up for a second, Speckz! Jeez," I muttered, deep in my thoughts. In reality, I didn't know what happened in the Reprode. I didn't know what our Opposites - the women looked like; nothing except for what old Tricker had told me. I didn't know how we were going to find out.

One thing I did know? I was going to find out if it killed me.

The End

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