Reality of Dreams

These are both based on me meeting my long distance relationship girlfriend. One of them is what I imagined it would be like, whilst the other one is how it actually happened. They're divided into "Dream" and "Reality", the latter being written in a sort of memoir format as it is based on my memories of the event. It's simple stuff really.


My phone read 6:00 as I woke up in the exact same way I did every morning, to the sound of my alarm ringing in its pestering manner. I let out a gentle grunt followed by rubbing my eyes and acknowledging that it was just another morning like any other and that even though I was on holidays mornings were just as bad as they could ever be. Usually that feeling would be proceeded by switching off the alarm and turning in the opposite direction in order to get more sleep, but for some reason as soon as I woke up my mind was switched on in the way it tends to be before I go to sleep and it took me a couple of seconds to rationalise as to why. The day had finally come.

Having decided not to waste any time whatsoever I jumped out of bed and rushed into the shower. When I got out, I wrapped myself in a towel and dried my hair with another, trying to keep it as natural as possible so as to not look like I was overdoing myself. It took me a while to shave as I did it slowly, making sure that I wouldn’t cut myself, and once I was done I covered my face with a bit of aftershave so that I wouldn’t feel any burning sensation with the added bonus that I would also smell less natural. I put on whatever underwear I hadn’t packed in my suitcase and put on my favourite pair of jeans. I decided to wear a plain white t-shirt with a red, checkered shirt over it with the sleeves done back so that my arms were visible, a dark blue watch on my left wrist and two bracelets on my right hand, one a plain one, the other an anchor. On my feet I decided to wear my maroon Vans, meaning that my outfit was very hipster-like. In fact, it made me chuckle that you would probably comment on that and expect me to reply back in French because that’s what hipsters do. I brushed my hair for what seemed like the first time in forever and then decided to scruff it up a bit with my hand to stay natural, and then I followed by applying a little perfume, or cologne, or whatever the correct unfeminine terminology is. My mum eventually came in my room and asked me if I wanted breakfast. I was too anxious to eat so I stuck to having a mug of milk like usual.

We arrived at the airport an hour and a half before the flight was scheduled, because my mum believed that one hour was too little time and I was of the belief that two was just too long, so we’d settled on the midpoint. I decided to get the flight the earliest that I could so that I could spend the entire day with you and make every day worth it, and although you had to wake up a little earlier than you usually do, you seemed elated by it. My mum had bothered me before we left by making sure I had not forgotten anything, which was probably a good thing because I’m so forgetful. It didn’t matter if I didn’t bring all the clothes though, or anything at all, just as long as I had the ticket there, the one back home was just irrelevant because well, home is where the heart is and I was kind of expecting to find a new home.

I sat down on some chairs with her and she went through a list of things I should be aware of which ranged from “always say thank you” to “don’t take candy from strangers”, the latter a blatant attempt at making me laugh which she succeeded in doing.  I looked at my watch and it had only been five minutes since we’d arrived which seemed ludicrous considering it had felt like forever, so I asked my mum if she wanted to go have a coffee so we’d both be more alert and she agreed.  We walked up to this small café inside the airport and my mum asked for two coffees, however upon remembering that you dislike it I interrupted her by saying I’d prefer some orange juice, purely because I wouldn’t want you to remotely have to taste it.

Time passed and soon only half an hour was left for the flight to take off, so my mum took me to where I had to go. Before I stepped through into the terminal, she grabbed my hand and whispered in my ear that everything was going to be okay and that she was proud of my choices in life regardless of how they went. She kissed me on my forehead and then let go of my hand smiling, and from that moment on I was alone again. As I walked on, I was tempted to turn back and wave at her but the best thing to do was to just keep moving forward.

I wouldn’t be alone for very long, though. If the flight were to arrive on time, then in as little as an hour I would be in the land of the Queen, yet alas things do not often go the way they should and the flight was delayed by half an hour, so I text you saying there’d been a delay to which you replied in gentle annoyance, but whichever negative feelings we could feel seemed irrelevant because soon they would be gone. I had another hour or so to myself and there were countless shops with overpriced foods and clothes, so I decided to go to this shop which sold chocolates and sweets and decided to buy you the nicest chocolate I could find which was most definitely white chocolate, and to that you would probably jokingly call me racist but there is no denying how good white chocolate is. I also bought a little bag of gummy bears because, well, I could, and I know you’d probably appreciate that more than me buying you a diamond ring.

Quickly, the time arrived and I got in line to get on the plane, my school bag on my back, my phone on my front right pocket and my wallet on the back right just like usual. I was nervous. It’d only be the third time that I would be stepping into a plane and my fear of heights temporarily took over me as I felt as if gravity were pulling me to the edges of the plane, but it was closed and there was no way that I could fall off, so there was nothing to fear. I felt like biting my nails to contain myself from looking so nervous and anxious, but instead I set my phone to its airplane mode and decided to listen to some music with my eyes closed. I wondered what would happen once we’d see each other. Maybe you would run up to me and tackle me to the ground, or perhaps you’d jump on me, expecting me to grab you and spin you around as I held you in my arms for the first time. It didn’t matter how it happened, just as long as it did, and that to me was perfect.

In what seemed like a lifetime, the plane eventually landed, and as I stepped out of the plane and back into the terminal, I span around and absorbed every last degree of the three hundred and sixty surrounding me. I was no longer restricted by distance; I was right there in the interesting town of London a mere couple of minutes away from you. Part of me wanted to squeal in excitement, yet another part of me was afraid that I would not be everything you expected, and while that worried me it did not matter. Nothing else mattered anymore.

As I went to grab my suitcase I closed my eyes, silently hoping that if there was a time in my life where I had to control my emotions it was right then, so I bit the inside of my cheek and walked towards the exit gates. The whole plane business was still awkward to me so I stood back and lingered for a bit as I let someone else open the door in fear that I might humiliate myself due to something as little as pulling the door instead of pushing it. A man behind me pushed me ahead and in a thick English accent said “Come on son, move it, I don’t have all day”, so I did. I held my breath and I took a step forward as the passengers of the plane walked towards a sea of people waiting for the people I had just shared my third flight with. As I did, I searched amongst that sea for your mixture of purple and blue hair which would make you stand out amongst all the blondes and brunettes. Not that it would matter anyway, seeming as you would stand out in a crowd regardless of your hair colour.

And there you were, your eyes looking at every single person coming out as they looked for something, as they looked for me. I couldn’t help but stand still looking at you, admiring your beauty and anticipating the inevitability of what we both had been waiting for for so long.  Eventually, your eyes met mine and as they did we both simultaneously smiled, and although there was a set of barriers separating the people leaving the plane and the ones in the airport, you disregarded them and went over them, fearless of the consequences of what you had just done.  I walked toward you as you jogged in my direction and in a matter of seconds we were face to face, our noses touching as I could feel your warm breath on my face. You’re a little shorter than me so my face was pointing downwards at you, and from beneath you whispered “Boo” which immediately made me smile, and it was then that you made the first move. You  pressed  your lips softly against mine and I immediately kissed you back as one of my hands moved up to your face and the other went down your side in search of your hand, which you met by holding it tighter than I thought you could. We separated from the kiss and looked at each other, both of us with undistinguishable smiles on our faces and in that moment I could hear you breathe and that made me smile even more. I wrapped my arms around you as you let yours do the same and I exclaimed “Eek!” in feigned surprise, to which you couldn’t help but giggle at and then asked me if you had scared me. Naturally, the only way in which I could reply was to press my lips onto yours and kiss you again, and that kiss lasted much longer than the first. It felt like forever, like a finite set of time in which two humans can kiss each other without needing to breathe had been blown out of proportion. At that point, there was no longer a “soon”, there was just you and me amidst hundreds of people who we did not know and would never see again. In that moment, I realised that I was right: nothing mattered apart from you.


Let me write a big warning along with these memories, they might not exactly be 100% accurate. I know myself - my memory is horrible. That’s the reason I’m doing this in the first place, so that I can remember the memories as well as I can.

The one I want to write about right now is the first memory I created with you in England. I landed at the airport and you were late as there had been a car on fire and the traffic was really slow. I was frantically looking for where my luggage was as I thought they had lost it but they hadn’t, and then I had to ask some Indian worker there where the exit was and it turned out I was right underneath the exit sign.. oops.

When I left that area I immediately walked through the doors where on the other side dozens of people expected familiar faces, but knowing that I wouldn’t find you anywhere because of the car on fire I decided to go and buy some water at the nearest shop, and the lady flirted with me, I forget exactly what she said but I think I remember her asking me where I was from and she convinced me to get a bottle of water with some newspaper because it was cheaper than the bottle alone. Then I sat down and waited, and turned on data roaming and the mobile network on my phone and messaged you on Facebook, and we talked for a little bit until you eventually said, and I directly quote from Facebook “Call me or something”, and so after applying some lip balm on my lips I called you, and you asked me where I was so I looked around and spotted a Marks & Spencer and told you I was near there and when you told me you were there I finally decided to walk towards it, and then I spotted you and you looked so beautiful and perfect and tiny and my whole world suddenly began spinning and the first thing I could think of doing was to whistle at you, but you heard it on your phone instead of around you and you looked around aimlessly wondering where it was coming from so I did it again and you did the same thing, but then you finally found me and I will never forget the look on your face as you ran towards me and I ran towards you and we wrapped our hands around each other for the first of many times. 

We both looked up into each others eyes and I could feel your breath on my face and I can’t remember which one of us pulled into the kiss and I can’t exactly remember how it felt, all I know is that it seemed like it lasted forever and I never wanted to end and I no longer cared about little things such as what the people around us thought or what the world as a whole thought, nothing mattered anymore because we were finally in each other’s arms, kissing each other, and the mere ability of tangibility seemed like the most incredible of gifts. 

After that you grabbed my hand and you asked me where my bag was, and then we realised that we were still on the phone so we hung up and went to get my bag which was near some place I’d been sitting at. We grabbed it and went onto the elevator, and I remember gently slapping you in there and you acting shocked and I remember laughing about what they must’ve thought about me slapping you and it was genuinely amusing. After that, we got in the car where I finally got to meet your dad and your brother too. We were on the backseat and you spent most of the ride home laid down on my lap and I kept playing with your hair and kissing your lips and your face and I held hands with you with my free hand.

Neither of us cried like we thought we would and things didn’t exactly materialise like we’d planned them to, but that never mattered for one bit because we were together and we were finally as happy as we could ever be.



The End

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