Have you ever scrutinized the meaning behind your existence?
Have you ever believed that you don't exist? Have you ever thought that your
life wasn't reality?

People confuse dreaming with non-reality, although as far as we
know we could all be 'dreaming' right now.

Most people look at me wryly when I ask them if they think right now is reality. They say "You watched too much matrix" or "You seriously spend time thinking about stuff like that?"

Then I ask them: "Can you prove that you exist?"

They either hit me or poke me and say: "Felt that? Then I'm real."

Then I explain to them that all of the senses are part of the nervous system and that in theory, one could simulate the nerves with electro-magnetic pulses.

Then they either say: "So you believe you're actually in a simulate world?"

And I answer: "I could be. Can you prove me wrong?"

Or they ask: "But you’re real?"

And I say yes, because I can think.

Then I ask again: Can you prove to me
that you are real and that this is in fact reality?

And they cannot answer.

Can you?

The End

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